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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109764389, Entry date: 05/08/2019

New Servomotor SIMOTICS S-1FK2 for Applications with SINUMERIK - Release for sales and delivery: 1FK2 SH40, SH63, SH80

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Release for sales and delivery for SIMOTICS S-1FK2 in combination with SINUMERIK and SINAMICS S120 Booksize/Booksize Compact and S120 Combi. First step: High Dynamic: SH40 Compact: SH40, SH63 and SH80 UPDATE 30.04.2019: Sales- and delivery release for 1FK2 Compact SH100

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 are natural cooled synchronous motors in compact size and high power density.



  •  High Dynamic:
    Low Inertia Type: Specially made for applications in packaging, handling and in others, where small loads have to be moved high dynamic und in short cycle time.
    1FK2 High Dynamic for SINAMICS S120 isplanned in SH40 up to SH63 with a stall torque range from 1,3Nm to 16Nm.
  • Compact:
    Medium Inertia Type: Variant for various applications in general motion control and machine tools, where higher loads have to be moved precise and dynamically.
    1FK2 Compact for SINAMICS S120 is planned in SH40 up to SH100 with a stall torque range from 2,4Nm to 50Nm.  
  • High Inertia:
    High Inertia Type: This variant is made for applications with high or variable load inertia, where a robust close loop control can be realized with low effort in axis-optimization.
    1FK2 High Inertia for SINAMICS S120 is planned in SH63 and SH80 with a stall torque range from 6Nm to 22Nm.

In the first step, now the following types are released for sales and delivery for applications with SINUMERIK 840D sl or 828D in combination with SINAMICS S120 or S120 Combi:

1FK2 High Dynamic:

AchshöheArtikelnummerM0 [Nm]Mmax [Nm]nrated [1/min]prated [kW]Mrated [Nm]


1FK2 Compact:


M0  [Nm]

Mmax  [Nm]nrated  [1/min]prated [kW]Mrated [Nm]


1FK2210-3AC..-...30902000 5,526
 AH100 1FK2210-4AC..-...40


 AH100 1FK2210-5AC..-...5015020007,133,5

1FK2 Servomotor's new features: 

Short length:

  •  Compact machine design is supported by short motors

High power density:

  • Stall torque up to 3,2Nm in SH40, up to 12Nm in SH63 and up to 27Nm in SH80 in shorter length than 1FK7 motors.
  • High S1-torque at rated speed

Low torque ripple:

  • Accurate surface quality can be produced due to low torque ripple of the motors.

Robust connection technology for power and encoder:

  • New: DRIVE-CLiQ connector in proven type as turnable metal round plug with SPEED CONNECT

High resolution optical DRIVE-CLiQ encoder with 22 bit in ST and MT:

  • High encoder resolution ensures high accuracy

Optimized for SINAMICS S120 Combi und S120 Booksize:

  • Current level adjusted to the System SINAMICS S120 Booksize and Combi

System integration:

Precondition for operation of 1FK2 motors are the following SINUMERIK system versions in combination with SINAMICS S120 or S120Combi 

 - SINUMERIK 840D sl

SINUMERIK Version ≥ 4.8 SP4 HF3 (all SINUMERIK based on SINAMICS FW ≥ 5.1 SP1 HF4)
SINUMERIK Version ≥ 4.91 HF1       (all SINUMERIK based on SINAMICS FW ≥ 5.2)


SINUMERIK Version ≥ 4.8 SP4 HF1 with PPU .4(scheduled end of Feb. 2019)

Connection Technology

Encoder connector DRIVE-CLiQ: turnable plug size M17

Power connector: turnable plug size M17, M23, M40

Motion Connect

Power cable for S120 Booksize Compact

Power cable for S120 Booksize Power cable for S120 Combi 




MOTION CONNECT cables for 1FK2:
  Motion_Connect_DE.pdf (154,2 KB) 
  Motion_Connect_EN.pdf (151,9 KB) 


Planned types 1FK2

  Ordering and selection data, technical overview (141,9 KB)

Configruation and documents

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