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Product information about SIMOTICS S-1FK2 and SINAMICS S210

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The converter no longer identifies the 1FK2 motor.

1FK2 connected to SINAMICS S210 1AC with firmware release 5.1 (without service pack)

Why doesn't the converter identify the 1FK2 motor?

When first starting the SINAMICS S210 and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 system, the internal firmware releases of SINAMICS and the encoder electronics are compared and aligned.
For different releases, the motor encoder firmware is updated. This is the reason that the first system run-up can take approximately 10 seconds longer than usual. During this time (RDY-LED flashes orange slowly at 0.5Hz), it is not permissible that the system power supply is interrupted (until the RDY-LED flashes orange quickly with 2Hz).

If the power supply is interrupted during the update - or encoder connector X100 is withdrawn during the update - then it is possible that the S210 converter with FW 5.1 no longer identifies the motor.

Upgrade the SINAMICS S210 firmware to a newer version (e.g. FW 5.1 SP1)
After the converter is restarted and the factory settings are restored, then in spite of the incomplete update, the motor is identified and the update is automatically repeated. The motor can again be addressed. 

If, in spite of the SINAMICS firmware upgrade, the motor is still not identified, then another problem exists. In this case, contact your local Siemens service organization  or your local sales person.

Note: Since ~August 2018, only SINAMICS S210 are delivered with FW 5.1 SP1 and higher.

Additional information:

  • At this link you can find the current firmware versions for SINAMICS S210 as well as instructions on how to upgrade of the converter:
  • Siemens contact partners worldwide: Your personal contact

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