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SENTRON energy management and power monitoring

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The power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio allows you to introduce energy management according to the ISO 50001 and ISO 50003 standards and permanently reduce energy costs. In addition to cost savings through optimized consumption, you ensure increased resilience with the monitoring of power supply systems and network quality in infrastructure and industrial plants.

[Here you can see the PC-based power monitoring system – click here for the SIMATIC-based energy data management system]

Power monitoring system with SENTRON components

The TÜV-certified power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio consists of the 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices, the 3WL/3VA/3VL circuit breakers, and the powermanager power monitoring software. This forms the technical basis for supporting a corporate energy management system as specified by ISO 50001.

The hardware and software components are optimally coordinated with each other. For example, special drivers for the SENTRON devices are integrated in the powermanager power monitoring software.

They enable energy data to be captured without any great configuration effort and they indicate the key measured values or the status by means of predefined views. This reduces the engineering overhead. The device functions are optimally supported in the software.

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Power monitoring software powermanager

The powermanager power monitoring software displays key parameters for individual devices and the overall system in a clear dashboard and thus analyzes the energy consumption. Savings can be derived directly and errors can be quickly located – for greater transparency vis-à-vis energy consumption and lower costs.

7KN Powercenter 3000

The 7KN Powercenter 3000 with an interface to various evaluation systems is suitable for mobile monitoring of plant states both in small companies (SMEs) and in large corporations.

7KM PAC measuring devices

The 7KM PAC measuring devices enable precise, reproducible and reliable measurement of energy values for infeed, outgoing feeders or individual loads. They not only provide comprehensive information about your electrical installations and power distribution, but also key measured values for assessing the status of the plant and quality of the power supply. For further processing of the measured data, the devices are equipped with a wide range of communication options for easy integration into higher-level automation and energy management systems.

7KT PAC1600 energy meters

The new compact 7KT PAC1600 energy meters are used in energy and installation distributors in a space-saving manner. They record basic electrical variables and display the values directly on the display of the respective measuring device.

7KT PAC1200 measuring devices

The 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system is a low-cost solution for the transparent representation of energy consumption. It enables you to determine which output is currently needed in any branch of the circuit. Ring-shaped sensors, through whose openings the load-side outgoing cables are inserted behind the miniature circuit breakers, make separation of the cables redundant – resulting in extremely simple installation.

SEM3 multichannel current measuring system

The SEM3 measuring system is used in the main power distribution and consists of current converters, metering modules and a central controller. The scalable complete system can record up to 45 measuring points in the building.

Circuit breaker communication: 3VA molded case circuit breakers

Fail-safe power supply – with the intelligently interlocking SENTRON components, people, lines and systems can be reliably protected from electrically induced hazards: A coordinated portfolio, complemented by planning tools and engineering data, as well as simple and fast assembly.

powerconfig configuration software

The powerconfig configuration software is the combined commissioning and service tool for communication-capable measuring devices and circuit breakers from the SENTRON family. The PC-based tool facilitates parameterization of the devices, resulting in substantial time savings, particularly when several devices have to be configured. With powerconfig, the 3WL air circuit breakers, the 3VA molded case circuit breakers, and the 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices with expansion modules can be parameterized, documented, operated and monitored using various communication interfaces.

Energy management overview

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The combined commissioning and service tool for communication-capable measuring devices and circuit breakers from the SENTRON family.



Configuration Manual Measuring Devices and Power Monitoring
Manual - 7KT PAC1600 energy meter
Manual 7KT PAC1600 multimeter
System Manual 7KT multichannel current measuring system
PAC2200 measuring device manual
Manual SENTRON Power Monitoring Device PAC3200
PAC3200T measuring device manual
System Manual SENTRON PAC4200 Power Monitoring Device
PAC3100 Measuring Device Manual
Device Manual SENTRON PAC5100/5200 7KM5212/5412
Communication Manual SENTRON PAC5100/5200 7KM5212/5412
System Manual - 3VA Communication IEC / UL
SEM3™ - Embedded Micro Metering Module™


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