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Firmware V2.0 for SCALANCE SC-600

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Firmware V2.0 is hereby available to download for SCALANCE SC-600.

The following features were added:

  • Bridge firewall

    (MAC firewall, IP firewall)

  • User-specific firewall rules

  • Pre-defined IPv4 rules for system time

  • Addition of NETMAP:

    • Editability of NAT rules

    • Bidirectional NAT rules

    • Auto firewall rules

  • NATv2MIB

  • VRRPv3

  • MRP/HRP client (SC636-2C and SC646-2C)

  • STP / RSTP

  • Passive Listening

  • Discovery and Set via DCP

  • RADIUS client

  • SFTP client

  • Support for C-PLUG (6GK1900-0AB10)

  • Firmware file in the C-PLUG

  • Signal contact works as DO, functionality of SCALANCE S615 with DO

  • Duplicate IP detection (DCP, DHCP)

  • Possibility for renaming the factory-set user "admin"

  • Addition of events (e.g. successful authentication)


The following configuration limits have been increased:

  • NAT rules from 256 to 1000

    Firewall IP services from 32 to 128

  • Static address assignment per DHCP server pool from 20 to 128

  • Increased configuration limits for connecting to SINEMA RC

    - max. 1024 devices with 1 subnet each with communication relationships to each other, simultaneously connected via SINEMA RC

    - max. 200 devices with up to 8 subnets each with communication relationships to each other, simultaneously connected via SINEMA RC

Changes were made in the following areas:

  • Unique Order in firewall rules

    The values of the "Order" column in the firewall rules could be assigned twice up to now. These must be unique starting with this version.
    When creating a new firewall rule, the currently highest precedence+1 is automatically assigned. No new behavior compared to V1.0.
    Changing the order:
    By changing a value in the "Order" column of a firewall rule, all other rules are automatically adjusted so that the values in the "Order" column are once again unique.


Corrections were made in the following areas:

  • DHCP server – relevant when using the function


Firmware update V2.0 has been released for upgrading the following product versions:  


6GK5 632-2GS00-2AC2


6GK5 636-2GS00-2AC2


6GK5 642-2GS00-2AC2


6GK5 646-2GS00-2AC2


Security information:

This update contains security-relevant changes which enhance robustness against possible attacks. We therefore recommend that you update the firmware.



Third-party software – license conditions and copyright information

You can find the copyright notes on the third-party software, especially Open Source Software, as well as applicable license conditions for this type of third-party software in the file ReadMe_OSS.

Special note for resellers

The information and the license conditions in the Readme_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.
  Registrierung notwendig  SCALANCE_SC-600__2.0__README_OSS.html (9.0 MB)

Please read the product documentation for installation.


You can download the file here.

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  FW_SC-600_V02.00.00.00_50.00.00_OSS.zip (19.3 MB) 

Hash:  Registrierung notwendig  FW_SC-600_V02.00.00.00_50.00.00_OSS.txt (1 KB) 

You can download the private mib here.

 Registrierung notwendig  scalance_s600_msps.zip (139.7 KB) 

Hash:  Registrierung notwendig  scalance_s600_msps.txt (1 KB) 


Note: Software is subject to export restrictions, download only for registered users



Contact for technical issues: Customer Support, DF CS SD CCC TS, Contact form

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