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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109764483, Entry date: 02/21/2019

 Sales and Delivery Release IE FC Keystone RJ45 (6GK1901-0BE10-0AA0), 4x2 Cat6A

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The product IE FC Keystone RJ45 4x2 is released for sale and delivery and is available ex stock. 

1. Product description

The IE FC Keystone RJ45 4x2 in a rugged metal enclosure is used to establish Ethernet connections between patch cables and installation cables in the control cabinet.
The cable end prepared with the IE FC stripping tool is connected in the Keystone via insulation displacement contacts. With the casing open, colored markers on the contact element make it simple to connect the cores to the insulation displacement contacts. This enables faulty contacts to be detected and prevented at an early stage.
The contact of wires placed in the contacting element is made by pressing the Keystone enclosure together without tools.
Once the Keystone has been mounted at the end of the cable, it can be mounted on a standard rail using the standard rail adapter included in the product package or snapped directly into a 19" mounting plate.
Clamps on the metal enclosure or an internal shield connection in the standard rail adapter provide a good shield connection of the cable and an optimum discharge of interference currents via the cable shield.


2. Ordering data 

Product name

Order number

IE FC Keystone RJ45




3. Intended use

  • Ideal solution for installation of RJ45 interfaces in control cabinet or 19" mounting plate
  • Time-saving, error-free installation due to FastConnect system
  • Interference-resistant RJ45 interface thanks to rugged metal enclosure
  • Reliable shield contact and strain relief are integrated
  • Color-coding in contact area prevents errors
  • Coordinated system comprising Industrial Ethernet FastConnect Keystone RJ45 and an extensive 8-wire FastConnect cable range with corresponding UL approvals (4-wire PN cables cannot be used)


4. Additional information 


Keystone for mounting in 19" mounting plate


Installation in enclosure


Keystone with enclosure for installation on standard mounting rail


Link to installation instructions: 109762652 

Link to technical specifications: 


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