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SIMATIC S7: What is the meaning of the following event IDs: "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013"?

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The event IDs "16# 08:9000" to "16# 08:9013" indicate faults and warnings for a drive.

When the PROFIdrive standard diagnostics (also called channel diagnostics) is enabled (see Entry ID 109486142), faults and warnings from the drives are transferred as corresponding entries to the diagnostics system of the S7 CPU and displayed in the diagnostics buffer, for example.

The faults and warnings of the SINAMICS are collected in PROFIdrive message classes as shown in the following table.

 message class
Meaning Event ID in the
S7 diagnostics buffer 
 1 Hardware/software error 16# 08:9000
 2 Network error 16# 08:9001
 3 Power supply failure 16# 08:9002
 4 Intermediate circuit error 16# 08:9003
 5 Defective power electronics 16# 08:9004
 6 Overheating of electronic components 16# 08:9005
 7 Grounding/phase fault recognized 16# 08:9006
 8 Motor overload 16# 08:9007
 9 Communication with the higher-level controller defective 16# 08:9008
 10 Secure monitoring channel has detected a fault 16# 08:9009
 11 Actual position value/speed value defective or not available 16# 08:900A
 12 Internal communication (DRIVE-CLiQ, for example) is defective 16# 08:900B
 13 Faulty delivery 16# 08:900C
 14 Braking controller/braking module defective 16# 08:900D
 15 Network filter defective 16# 08:900E
 16 External measured value/signal status outside permitted range 16# 08:900F
 Application/technological function defective
 16# 08:9010
 18 Error in parameterization/configuration/commissioning sequence 16# 08:9011
 General drive fault
 16# 08:9012
 20 Auxiliary unit defective 16# 08:9013


The PROFIdrive message class 17 (application/technological function defective and with this the event ID 16# 08:9010) always refers to functions of the SINAMICS (snapping, kinetic buffering, etc.) and not to a technology object in the S7-CPU.

In these case a (set) limit (for example, position, velocity, torque ...) has been exceeded in the converter. The limit concerned has to be determined in the relevant component (SINAMICS) and checked. The setpoint value specification of the higher-level controller (SIMATIC) should also be checked and changed accordingly.

Example of an entry in the diagnostics buffer (for the drive you see A30016 "Power unit: Load supply switched out"):

Fig. 1

Select the event to have more information displayed.

  1. The modules that triggered the event can be seen here.
    The display module name is the name you assigned to the drive in the project.
    In the case of drives that consist of multiple drive objects the name of the DO concerned is also displayed.
  2. The description explains the event.
  3. Under "Help on event:" you have tips about how to clear the error.

In the case of such events in the diagnostics buffer of the S7-CPU you should always check the active messages in the drive that provide detailed information. Since the diagnostics requests (warnings in the drive) do not need to be acknowledged, they can no longer be seen in the message window of the drive.

Example of the "Active alarms" window in the start drive:

Fig. 2

In the start drive, warnings that are no longer current and acknowledged faults can be read out under "Alarm history" or in the alarm or fault memory of the drive. With SINAMICS G/S the alarm memory is in r2122[0..63] and the fault memory is in r0945[0..63]. More information is available in the list manuals of the SINAMICS G/S drives. (search for "SINAMICS G120C List Manual", for example.)

Further information about the diagnostics of SINAMICS drives:

    With SINAMICS S and SINAMICS G the time stamp for faults and warnings is normally given in operating hours. However, you can change the display with a time synchronization with the SIMATIC. Further information is available in Entry ID 109486142.

    Diagnostics with the commissioning tool "SINAMICS MICROMASTER STARTER"
    In the detailed display (lower area of the workbench) you see tabs for Diagnostics, Alarms, Export/Import and Drive Control Panel. Under Diagnostics you can find the current messages. Furthermore, there is a filter option for seeing the alarm history.
    The commissioning tool "SINAMICS MICROMASTER STARTER" can be downloaded in Entry ID 26233208.

    Diagnostics with "SINAMICS Startdrive“

    If there are faults or warnings on the device or there is need for maintenance, corresponding indications are displayed via icons in the Startdrive. The icons have different colors depending on the severity. The colored icons are displayed in the Project Tree, Device View and Device Overview.

    For the download you search for "Startdrive" and in the search area you select "Download". For version V15.1 it is Entry ID 109760845.
    Information about diagnostics with the SINAMICS S120 is available in the manual "SINAMICS S120 Commissioning Manual with Startdrive" (ID 109763294) in the chapter entitled Diagnostics.

    Diagnostics with the web server
    With firmware V4.7 and higher diagnostics can also be made via the integrated web server. Further information about the diagnostics display of the integrated web server is available in the function manual for the S120, for example in Entry ID 109757573 in chapter 13. Web Server.

    The diagnostics is done via the web server integrated in the converter. Further information about the diagnostics display of the integrated web server is available in the commissioning manual S210 (edition 07/2018) in Entry ID 109760645 in section 6.4.1 Display Messages or in the operating instructions (edition 01/2019) in Entry ID 109763297 in chapter 6. Commissioning and Diagnostics using the Web Server.

    Diagnostics of drive V90 is done using the commissioning tool "V-ASSISTANT". Further information about the diagnostics display of the integrated web server is available in the Online Help (edition 08/201) in Entry ID 109762408 in section "3.5 Warning Window".
    You can download the commissioning tool "V-ASSISTANT" in Entry ID 109738387.

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