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Switch disconnectors

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Our switch disconnectors, switch disconnectors with fuses and fuse switch disconnectors offer you solutions for the safe disconnection of the main circuit in a range of applications.

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Essential for safe isolation from the supply

Wherever safe isolation from low-voltage networks is required, the switch disconnectors, switch disconnectors with fuses and fuse switch disconnectors perform their tasks 24/7 with the utmost reliability – be it in industrial applications, infrastructure, or in buildings.


Switch disconnectors

  • 3LD
  • 3KD
  • 5TE
  • 3VA

Fuse switch disconnectors

  • 3NP1
  • 3NP5
  • 3NJ4

Switch disconnectors with fuses

  • 3KF
  • 3NJ62

SENTRON switching devices:

Electrical switching – safe, flexible, and productive

SENTRON switching devices


  • Selectivity Tool - with the Selectivity Manager, it is possible to determine and document project-specific selectivity limits online - conveniently, quickly and simply.


Application example

Technical Basic Information - Switch Disconnectors and Transfer Switching Equipment


Overview of all available configurators:

see --> Energy > SENTRON switching devices at



SIMARIS therm 2.5
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Quick Selection Guide - Switch disconnectors and transfer switching equipment
Door mounted rotary operator
Flyer - Switch disconnectors and transfer switching equipment - End-to-end safety for users and systems
System Manual SENTRON 3NJ62 In-Line Plug-In Switch Disconnectors with Fuses
Configuration Manual – Switch Disconnectors
System Manual SENTRON 3NP1 Fuse Switch Disconnector
Configuration Manual - Fuse Systems
SENTRON Switch disconnectors 3KD Switch-disconnector



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General product approval
Environmental certification
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