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How do you use URLs to conveniently call the topology and device list in SINEC NMS?

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If you want easy and direct access to websites of the SINEC NMS operation, you can use the option of calling the URL directly. The Excel file in this entry helps you to generate these specific URLs.

Call via URLs
Using URLs in a SINEC NMS operation you can call the topology or device list directly in a browser. The user name and password are transferred in the URL as authorization.
The user must have monitoring rights to be able to use access via URLs. Instructions for assigning monitoring rights to a user are included in the Excel file.

You can download the Excel file under "Downloads". The file helps you when generating specific addresses. You enter the data of your SINEMA server in the document and you can then copy the relevant URL from the document as required.

The number of users that can call via a URL function simultaneously on an operation is limited.
The maximum number of sessions is limited to 50.

User scenario
You have a SINEMA Server that is already configured. You would like the service engineer to be able to view the topology. You do not want the service engineer to be able to change the screen or make any other settings on the installed system.
In this example the login data of the operation and of the user are:
Operation IP address:
HTTPS port: 8443
User name: service
Password: TopOnlyService

  1. Open the Excel file.
  2. Under "General settings" you specify the login data for the user. Here you enter the password in plain text.

    Fig. 1
    Do not save the document using the specified user name and password! For security reasons you should not use a user with the role of SuperAdmin.

  3. Copy the link provided under "Topology" to the address line of your browser. Press the "Enter" key to call the SINEC NMS operation in the current Topology view.
    There is no need for separate login or switching to Topology view.

    Fig. 2 

Unpack the file in a folder of your system and open the Excel file with a double-click.

Please note: For direct access to websites of the SINEC NMS operation you need an internet browser, for example: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge.

 Registration required  SINEC_NMS_Operation_V1.0_URL_builder.zip (127.4 KB)

Further Information
Detailed information on the topic of SINEC NMS is available in the manual in Entry ID 109762749.

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