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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109765008, Entry date: 03/18/2019

Sales release of SINAMICS V20 Smart Access FW 01.03.01

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With immediate effect, the firmware version (V01.03.01) is available for the SINAMICS V20 Smart Access.

Changes in this version

  • Support I/O extension module
  • Support the new firmware version of V20
  • Bug fixing


Fully support the V20 I/O extension module

Now, you can use the expansion port of the V20 I/O extension module to conncet the SINAMICS V20 Smart Access, and therefore use the V20 Smart Access to configure the additional I/O terminals.

Here you can find further information of V20 I/O extension module 109751651 

Extend the compatibility with the newest V20 firmware

With this release, V20 Smart Access is compatible with the newest V20 firmware V3.95.02 109761053 

Download the firmware of the SINAMICS V20 Smart Access

You can click the following link to download the firmware update file:

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  V20_Smart_Access_firmware_V010301.zip (823,6 KB)

Please extract the "V20SAM.BIN" file from the downloaded zip file for the firmware upgrading. The SINAMICS V20 Smart Access shipped after April 1st 2019 has already been installed with this firmware version. In case of firmware malfunctions, please check the information in the SINAMICS V20 Operating Instruction to guide you to upgrade the web application and firmware.


You can find further information about V20 Smart Access in the SINAMICS V20 Operating Instruction: 109760756 

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