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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109765025, Entry date: 10/24/2019

Product information Simatic IPC227E / IPC277E: Processor stepping migration

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Intel is changing the CPU stepping version from C0 to D1 in the Bay Trail processors used in the Simatic IPC227E and IPC277E.

This product maintenance does not influence the functionality.

However, the processors do supply new IDs to the operating systems.

Due to the planned long-term availability of this Simatic IPC it is necessary to introduce this processor change.

Migration is in stages:

  • IPC277E: 12", 15", 19":  Planned for beginning of April 2019
  • IPC277E: 7", 9":   Planned for October 2019 -> changed: planned from March 2020
  • IPC227E:    Planned for October 2019 -> changed: planned from March 2020

The following pre-loaded operating systems are not image compatible:

The following operation systems do not possess the certificate which Windows requires in order to automatically install the Intel graphics driver during commissioning:

  • WES7-E 32-bit
  • WES7-P 32-bit

That is why these pre-loaded operating system have been updated. This update has been implemented in all devices delivered since 09/2018.

Should the customer try to duplicate a customer image created prior to 09/2018, hardware with the new CPU stepping will behave as follows (independently of whether the OS installation was created using Sysprep or cloning):

The operating system recognizes the new graphics hardware and installs the Windows VGA driver automatically. This can result in different, sub-optimal graphics settings. In order to correct them it is necessary to re-install the Intel graphics driver provided on the supplied USB flash drive.

If the customer has created their OS installation on the basis of pre-loaded operating systems supplied since 09/2018, no action is necessary since these systems include the certificate required. This means that these OS installations can be reproduced without any further steps.

Image-compatible pre-loaded operating systems

The following pre-loaded operating systems are image-compatible and have therefore not been updated in the factory:

  • WES7-E, 64-bit
  • WES7-P, 64-bit
  • Windows 7, 32-bit
  • Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

If the customer wants to reproduce a customer image created on the basis of these pre-loaded operating systems, two different scenarios should be distinguished:

  • 1. Customer generalized the OS installation (Sysprep)
    • OS installation is compatible – no manual intervention required
  • 2. Customer cloned the OS installation
    • The graphics driver is re-installed the first time the system starts up.
    • This happens automatically, i.e. no manual intervention is required here either.


During repair it is ensured that devices with

  • WES7-E 32-bit
  • WES7-P 32-bit

operating systems and CPU stepping C0 are equipped again with a motherboard with CPU stepping C0.


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