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How do ensure that your applications are displayed as expected after switching your screen off and on?

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You have connected your monitor via DisplayPort. After switching the monitor off and on the display is not as expected, the WinCC Runtime in multi-monitor mode, for example. The FAQ response gives you an alternative to the time-consuming restart of the WinCC application and ensures that the problem does not recur.

Monitors connected via DisplayPort inform the operating system of their state. If you are using multiple monitors, for an extended desktop, for example, and switch one of the monitors off, Windows removes the monitor from the extended display. In doing so the operating system rearranges the displayed windows. This affects each application that is displayed on the monitor concerned (WinCC Runtime, MS Excel, Notepad, ...).

When you switch the monitor back on again the applications are no longer displayed on the monitor as expected. Instead they are displayed as if the monitor were still switched off.

Connect your monitors via HDMI or DVI so that no information about the status of the monitor is transferred to the operating system.
In this way, when you switch off a monitor, it does not change the arrangement of the displayed windows.

DisplayPort Adapter
Use the DisplayPort Adapter (DP to DVI or DP to HDMI) if your IPC has no free HDMI or DVI interfaces.

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