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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109765135, Entry date: 04/03/2019

Important updates of the Embedded Bundles and the Starter Systems for SIMATIC IPC2x7E und IPC4x7E (PRO)

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Important required updates are available for the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1507S that need to be installed before June 9, 2019 for proper operation of your machine/automation solution.

The certificates used since Version V2.0 to sign the Windows files of the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller mean that these files cannot be started after June 9, 2019. 

You can find additional information on the behavior and further action under the following entry: 109764666 

The following Embedded Bundles and Starter Systems for SIMATIC IPC2x7E and IPC4x7E (PRO) are affected by these updates:

  • SIMATIC IPC227E Embedded Bundles

    • 6ES7647-8Bxxx-xxBx           

    • 6ES7647-8Bxxx-xxJx           

    • 6ES7647-8Bxxx-xxKx           

    • 6ES7647-8Bxxx-xxLx           

    • 6ES7647-8Bxxx-xxMx          

  • SIMATIC IPC277E Embedded Bundles

    • 6AV7882-0xxx0-xxB0           

    • 6AV7882-0xxx0-xxJ0            

    • 6AV7882-0xxx0-xxK0           

    • 6AV7882-0xxx0-xxL0            

    • 6AV7882-0xxx0-xxM0          

  • SIMATIC IPC427E Embedded Bundles und Starter System

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxBx           

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxHx            

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxJx            

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxKx            

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxLx            

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxMx           

    • 6AG4141-xxxxx-xxSx            

  • SIMATIC IPC477E Embedded Bundles und Starter System

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxBx           

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxHx           

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxJx            

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxKx           

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxLx            

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxMx           

    • 6AV7241-xxxxx-xxSx            

  • SIMATIC IPC477E PRO Starter System
  • 6AV7251-xxxxx-xxSx           

The updates for the software controller are made available in the following download entry.

Please verify which version of the software controller you are using so that you download the correct update:

CPU 1507S:  109478528 

NOTE: Also take into account possible images/backups. These must also be updated.