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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109765274, Entry date: 03/12/2019

Hardware conversion for ET 200SP interface modules IM155-6PN/2 HF (PROFINET) and IM155-6DP HF (PROFIBUS)

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The above-named interface modules are to be replaced with a reworked version with a new Article No. The IM155-6PN/2 HF (6ES7155-6AU01-0CN0) and IM155-6DP (6ES7155-6BA01-0CN0) are fully compatible with the predecessor modules and can replace them without the need for reconfiguration. After all the previous IMs have been sold, incoming orders will automatically be recoded to the new versions.


Fig. 1: View of interface module IM155-6DP HF (left) and IM155-6 PN/2 HF (right)

Extended functionality for IM155-6PN/2 with firmware V4.2

  • S2 redundancy for S7-400H and S7-1500R/H
    (is also supported with HF-IM …AU00… by performing an upgrade to Firmware V4.2)
  • MtM (Module-to Module communication)

Module-to-module communication (MtM) allows direct data exchange between specific I/O modules within one station via the interface module. This enables you to transfer minor and/or time-critical tasks to the I/O module. As a result, you achieve better performance and relieve the CPU. During module-to-module communication (MtM), the interface module copies the input data from the  I/O module via the ET 200SP backplane bus directly into another I/O module. The I/O module (data sink) processes the data on an application-for-application basis.

  • Combination of shared device and isochronous mode operation
  • Support of time stamp for min-max values with HF Energy Meter
  • Expansion of ambient temperature range to -30 °C to + 60 °C (without condensation)
  • Mains buffering time increased from 5 ms to 10 ms
  • Undervoltage diagnostics
  • New enclosure
    • Optional strain relief for PN cable (6ES7193-6RA00-1AN0)

These extended functions are also implemented in the innovative 3-port HF IM (6ES7155-6AU30-0CN0).
Additional PROFIBUS IM155-6DP HF function

  • Mains buffering time increased from 5 ms to 10 ms


  • You can find information on the ET 200SP system in the System, Equipment and Function Manuals in the Manual Collection: 84133942 

In addition to configuration in STEP 7, interface modules can also be configured via GSD:

IM155-6DP HF PROFIBUS interface module

: PROFIBUS Manual 73098660
IM155-6PN/2 HF PROFINET interface module

Manual: PROFINET Manual  73184046 


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