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Synchronize data points from Energy Manager with Mindsphere

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As of V7.1, the energy management tool SIMATIC Energy Manager provides an interface to Mindsphere so that you can synchronize data points with Mindsphere.

With the Energy Manager you can record the energy data of your machine and evaluate them. For global data storage and other evaluations in MindSphere, it is a good idea to synchronize the performance indicators and important data points with MindSphere.

MindSphere (V3) is a cloud-based operating system for the Internet of Things. It offers interfaces for storing and evaluating all relevant machine parameters. Within MindSphere you have access to standard apps for data management and display (Asset Manager, Fleet Manager). In addition, you can write your own apps or use third-party apps, e.g. to evaluate machine efficiency.
Through an energy data analysis you gain new insights and thus generate added value for your machine.

The document shows an example of how to connect to MindSphere and how to transfer and display data points in MindSphere.

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