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How do you ensure that the Microsoft SQL server starts automatically after a function update of Windows 10?

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SIMATIC WinCC and WinCC (TIA Portal) use the Microsoft SQL database. After a function update of Windows 10 it might happen that Windows 10 does not start the SQL database automatically. Reconfigure the Autostart of the service to clear the problem.

You have run a function update of Windows 10 (Windows 10 version 1709 to version 1809, for example). The SQL server does not start and WinCC or WinCC (TIA Portal) does not work as expected.

The Windows 10 function update changes the start type of the service of the WinCC SQL instance to manual.


  1. Open the "Windows Services" by pressing the "Start" button and entering the term "services.msc".
  2. Confirm the message that administrator rights are required.
  3. Manually set the start type of the service of the WinCC SQL instance to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" and restart the system.
  • With WinCC V7 the name of the WinCC SQL instance is "SQL Server (WinCC)".
  • With WinCC (TIA Portal) the names of the two WinCC SQL instances are "SQL Server (WINCCPLUSMIG2014)" and "SQL Server (WinCC)".

Recommendations about using Windows Updates are available in the following application example.
Increasing the availability of WinCC systems by using a WSUS (Microsoft Windows Server Update Service) for the planned installation of selected Windows updates (Entry ID: 109754089)

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