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7KT PAC1600 energy meter

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The new compact 7KT PAC1600 energy meters are used in energy and installation distributors in a space-saving manner. They record basic electrical variables and display the values directly on the display of the respective measuring device.

7KT PAC1600 measuring devices

Siemens compact measuring devices are designed as modular devices for alternating current and can be mounted on standard mounting rails. The MID devices comply with the metering equipment standard EN 50470 (Part 3). The three-phase measuring devices for direct connection are available up to 80 A and in versions with transformer connections (x/5 A). The single-phase measuring devices are designed for direct connection up to 63 A. 

The measuring devices can be integrated into the powermanager  power monitoring system.


  • Recording of the amount of electrical energy and power exported and imported
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Storing of active and reactive energy (accuracy class 1 for active energy)


  • Depending on the version, the measuring devices have an S0 or M-Bus or Modbus RTU interface

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KT PAC1600 universal measuring devices

The 7KT PAC1600 universal measuring devices are designed in such a way that they combine maximum ease of operation with a host of extended functions. Despite this, the dimensions of the modular housing (4 MW) are very small. 


  • Measurement of all relevant variables in an AC system
  • Can be used both for single-phase and three-phase measurements
  • Backlit LCD display


  • 7KT1682 also has an insulated RS 485 communication interface with Modbus protocol.

Matching software

powermanager: The powermanager energy management software acquires all measured variables that are needed to optimize power consumption and so reduce costs.

powerconfig: The configuration software – integrated as of TIA Portal V15 – offers a wide functional scope and is convenient to put into operation  


Manual 7KT PAC1600 energy meter
Manual 7KT PAC1600 multimeter
Energy meter PAC1600
Energy meter PAC1600 (MID)
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Catalog - Measuring Devices and Power Monitoring (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 04/2019)
Manual 7KT PAC1600 multimeter
Energy meter PAC1600
Energy meter PAC1600 (MID)
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