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How do you download a software product from the Online Software Delivery (OSD)?

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In the following we take an example to show you how to download a software product from the OSD.

Proceed as follows to download software products available in the Online Software Delivery (OSD): 

  1. Start the software download via the Download button.

    Fig. 1
  2. In the Download window that follows you see a list of the available software packages. Click the selection box and select the required download format.
    Not all the software packages are available in the different file formats. 

    Fig. 2
  3. If you need further information about the download formats, go to the Information View. For this you click the "i" icon next to "Download format(s)".

    Fig. 3

  4. Start the software download by clicking the Download button  .
    The files are transferred to the download queue of the browser. The download then starts automatically.
    To start multiple downloads in parallel you click the corresponding Download buttons one after the other.

    Fig. 4

Further Information
More information is available at the links in the following table:

Description Link 
The web pages of the browser manufacturers provide you with information on how to pause and resume the download in each browser concerned.Chrome 
Internet Explorer 
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