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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109766011, Entry date: 03/29/2019

SINUMERIK MCPs and MPPs: Migration of built-in emergency stop components (3SB3000-1HA20 and 3SB3400-0A)

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Please take note of the type used when using SIRIUS ACT components in a SINUMERIK MCP or MPP. The SIRIUS ACT products of the 3SB3 series have been totally discontinued.

SINUMERIK MCP as from 03.2019

For the following SINUMERIK machine control panels:

  • MCP 398C (6FC5303-0AF25-0AA0)
  • MCP483 PN (6FC5303-0AF22-1AA1)
  • MCP483C PN (6FC5303-0AF22-0AA1)
  • MCP 310C PN (6FC5303-0AF23-0AA1)
  • MCP 310 PN (6FC5303-0AF23-1AA1)
  • MCP 483 USB (6FC5303-0AF32-0AA0)
  • MCP 310 USB (6FC5303-0AF33-0AA0) 

the following MLFBs are provided as accessories for emergency stop:

  • 6FC5347-0AF20-1AA0   EMERGENCY STOP PUSHBUTTON (mushroom pushbutton) as spare part for 3SB3000-1HA20
  • 6FC5347-0AF20-2AA0   EMERGENCY STOP CONTACT BLOCK (1NO + 1NC) as spare part for 3SB3400-0A


SINUMERIK MPP as from April 1, 2019

SINUMERIK Machine Push Button Panels will be migrated to 3SU1 components as from April 1, 2019. This is an internal material migration, and no function changes will take place.

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