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Circuit breakers: 3WL air circuit breakers

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The 3WL air circuit breaker reliably protects against accidents, faults and fires caused by electricity. Its communication capability ensures that faults in the power supply can be detected at an early stage.


3WL11-13 air circuit breakers/non-automatic air circuit breakers

  • Up to 6300 A (AC), IEC
  • Up to 4000 A (DC), IEC

3WL1 air circuit breakers offer highly flexible application and consistent communication capability. With the 3WL1 circuit breakers, just three sizes cover a performance range of 630 A to 6300 A. All models are characterized by the same design, the same operation and the same comprehensive accessories.


  • Coordinated communication concept from 16 A to 6300 A with 3VA molded case circuit breakers and 3WL air circuit breakers

  • Highly modular design

  • Possibility of linking up external input and output modules to the circuit breaker-internal CubicleBUS

  • Innovative software products for parameterization, operation, monitoring, and diagnostics, both locally and via Ethernet/Intranet/Internet

  • Integration into the Totally Integrated Power and Totally Integrated Automation communication solutions

3WL10 air circuit breakers/non-automatic air circuit breakers

Compact size 0 for AC up to 1250 A

The 3WL10 air circuit breakers are an addition to the existing 3WL1 IEC portfolio. Like the larger sizes 1 - 3, the 3WL10 breakers are modular in design allowing most accessory components to be retrofitted or replaced easily by the end user.

3WL10 portfolio   

Click to zoom: 3WL10 IEC portfolio


  • Optional communication function with ETU650 or ETU660 Electronic Trip Unit
  • Support PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU 
  • Highly modular design enables easy retrofitting
  • Simple integration into power monitoring systems according to IEC 61557-12 for series 6 ETUs and plant monitoring systems for monitoring status / measured values / alarms and warnings / diagnostics / maintenance
  • Possibility of linking up external input and output modules to the 3WL10 air circuit breakers
  • Innovative software products for commissioning, testing, parameterization, operation, monitoring, documentation and diagnostics of circuit breakers, locally via display, test or gateway devices, or via the communication modules
  • Integration of the circuit breakers into the Totally Integrated Power (TIP) and Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions
  • Low space requirement and reduced complexity
  • Modular design
  • Flexible connection and mounting options
  • Retrofittable modules for Electronic Trip Units
  • Communication/metering functions
  • New standards in CAx and engineering support
  • Extended protection functions of the electronic trip unit


The 3WL10 is an air circuit breaker in the particularly compact size 0 for rated currents up to 1250 A for the IEC market. The air circuit breaker is communication-capable and offers the option of operating 2 communication modules simultaneously.

 Video about 3WL air circuit breakers

Overview of videos about 3WL air circuit breakers


  • The combined commissioning and service tool for communication-capable measuring devices and circuit breakers from the SENTRON family.


  • Selectivity Tool - with the Selectivity Manager, it is possible to determine and document project-specific selectivity limits online - conveniently, quickly and simply.



GSDML file for COM35 (3WL9111-0AT65-0AA0) of the 3WL air circuit breaker
EPLAN Electric P8/ EPLAN Pro Panel: 3WL10 air circuit breakers
Video tutorial about 3WL air circuit breakers (video)
3WL tool for 3WL function test device
GSD files for SENTRON 3WL and 3VL

Current version powerconfig V3.18

More downloads (Industry Online Support)


Getting Started powerconfig
Configuration Manual – 3WL1 Air Circuit Breakers
SENTRON WL - 3WL1 Circuit Breaker (IEC)
Supplement to Instructions for Changing the Conducting Path – 3WL1 (IEC) Circuit Breakers
Low Voltage Protection Devices Selectivity-Tables
System manual for 3WL/3VL circuit breakers with communication capability - Modbus
System manual for 3WL/3VL circuit breakers with communication capability - PROFIBUS
Manual - 3VA27 molded case circuit breakers & 3WL10 air circuit breakers
Communication Manual - 3WL air circuit breakers via COM35 - PROFINET IO, Modbus TCP
Communication Manual - 3WL10 Air Circuit Breakers & 3VA27 Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Circuit breaker (CB) 3WL10, withdrawable
Circuit breaker (CB) 3WL10, fixed-mounted
Circuit breaker (CB) 3VA27, fixed-mounted
Circuit breaker (CB) 3VA27, withdrawable


Catalog - Air Circuit Breakers (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 04/2021)

More catalogs (Industry Online Support)


Commissioning of the 3WL communication module COM35
Error message during compilation with LIBRARY PAC/3WL/3VA SIMATIC PCS7 SW+COL
IEC 62061 / ISO 13849-1 – Notes on the application – Which safety integrity is reachable by using two circuit breakers?
Reading out the 3WL communication parameters via COM16 module (Modbus RTU Interface)
3WL9111-0AT44-0AA0 circuit breaker test device for overcurrent release ETU 15B to ETU 76B

3WL – B10/B10d values and proportion of dangerous failures

More FAQs (Industry Online Support)


General product approvals

Declaration of conformity
More certificates (Industry Online Support)


Our training courses can be found at


- Protection systems in low-voltage power distribution (WT-LVAPS)

- 3WL air circuit breakers (WT-LVA3WL)

- Communication with SENTRON components (LV-COM)

- Maintenance and operation of 3WL air circuit breakers (LV-CBMAIN)

- Configuring and selecting SENTRON circuit breakers (LV-CBPROJ)

Video tutorial about 3WL air circuit breakers – illustrative supplement to operating instructions


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