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Open Edge Device Kit (OEDK)

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Open Edge Device Kit (OEDK) is a software component provided for Device Builders in order to make integrating their custom software solutions with MindSphere easily. OEDK runs on an Edge device created by device builders and serves to the user applications over its MQTT based API's to handle the communication with MindSphere services and runs the necessary logics needed for these services.

By using the OEDK, users can focus on the development of their own specialized data reader/analyzer applications and leave all MindSphere communication-related tasks to the OEDK.

Provided functionalities are divided into these major categories:

  • Authentication Handling
  • Configuration Notification Handling
  • Data Upload Handling
  • Offline Caching of Data.

OEDK is is written in Java language and can be executed on a Java friendly environment. OEDK is released in two different setups;

Further information: Documentation for Open Edge Device Kit

 Registrierung notwendig  OpenEdgeDeviceKit_v0.0.9-b001.zip (18,4 MB)

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