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Circuit breaker communication: 3VA molded case circuit breakers

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Molded case circuit breakers belong to the SENTRON product family of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices and can be used in applications between 25 A and 1600 A.

The molded case circuit breakers can be integrated via PROFINET and PROFIBUS directly into the TIA Portal > V14 and SIMATIC Energy Suite.

Integrated as standard in the COM800/COM100 breaker data server is an Ethernet interface with the Modbus TCP protocol to allow communication with powerconfig parameterization software and the powermanager energy management software.

[For information on 3VA1, 3VA2, 3VA5 and 3VA6 and the configurators, follow this link to 3VA]

The communication equipment for the molded case circuit breakers can be installed and connected extremely easily, reliably and efficiently thanks to the connector system used. The 24 V DC supply to the electronic trip units is also reliably provided by these connections.

The COM800 breaker data server provides a cost-efficient communication interface for up to 8 3VA2 molded case circuit breakers.

The 3VA2 molded case circuit breaker utilizes a modern communication concept. This concept is based on the COM800 breaker data server which can link up to eight molded case circuit breakers to different bus systems. The 3VA molded case circuit breakers set new standards in flexibility and the variety of modular accessories available.

  • The motor operator with stored energy operator (SEO520) supplements the portfolio of 3VA motor operators with a synchronizable remote operator with optional communication link.
  • Integrated communication concept together with the 3VA27 molded case circuit breakers and the 7KM PAC measuring devices. The communication function is available from 25 A to 1600 A (ACB 3WL10 from 630 A ... 1250 A)
  • The 3VA27 molded case circuit breakers can be equipped with an optional communication function. The Electronic Trip Units ETU650 or ETU660 support the communication function.

Communication/metering functions

The use of modern communication-capable 3VA2 molded case circuit breakers opens up completely new possibilities in terms of start-up, parameterization, diagnostics, maintenance and operation. This allows many different ways of reducing costs and improving productivity in industrial plants, buildings and infrastructure projects to be achieved.

  • Optional communication function: Support from ETU650 or ETU660 Electronic Trip Unit.
  • The communication modules support Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.
  • The SEO520 is also optionally available with communication functionality. A connection with the COM060 communication module integrates it into the communication environment of the 3VA molded case circuit breakers and ensures that the molded case circuit breaker can also be switched via the supported communication networks and the powerconfig and powermanager software packages.

Optional expansion modules enable flexible communication

With COM800/COM100, the 3VA2 molded case circuit breakers can be integrated into the relevant communication networks via the following optional expansion modules:

  • Switched Ethernet PROFINET
  • RS 485 (Modbus RTU)

Link to Communication Manual – 3VA Communication IEC / UL

3VA overview – Communication Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP as an option: ETU660 LSI, LSIG

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Matching software

Power monitoring software powermanager
Software for commissioning: powerconfig


Current version of powerconfig
Support Packages for the hardware catalog in the TIA Portal (HSP)
SIMARIS therm 2.5
Firmware update for COM100/COM800
Firmware Version V4.03 for the expansion module 7KM_PROFIBUS DPV1
Firmware Version V2.1.5 for the expansion module Switched Ethernet PROFINET
Firmware Version V4.4 for the Test device TD500
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Manual - 3VA molded case circuit breakers with IEC certificate
System Manual - 3VA Communication IEC / UL
Quick Selection Guide - 3VA molded case circuit breaker
Circuit breaker with electronic trip units of the 5 / 8 series



Manual - 3VA UL / IEC molded case circuit breakers
System Manual - 3VA Communication IEC / UL
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Catalog - Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 10/2021)
Catalog LV 18 • 10/2021 - Air Circuit Breakers and Molded Case Circuit Breakers with UL Certification
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Application examples

Measuring and visualizing energy data
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Our training courses can be found at

- Energy management with SENTRON (WT-LVAEM)


- Energy management – Basic training (LV-EMSENTB)


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Coordination tables for SENTRON 3VA circuit breakers for motor and starter protection with SIRIUS 3RT contactors and SIRIUS 3RB2 overload relays, SIMOCODE pro 3UF7 (sizes S6 to S12)
SENTRON Communication – TIA Portal, Flexible Access (FA) via PROFINET (PN)
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