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How do you do a data backup of the WinCC Project (WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional) on the Operator Station (OS)?

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It is advisable to make a backup of the OS project for saving the Runtime data or before specific actions on the system like installing an update, for example, or resetting the archive databases.


  • WinCC Runtime must be disabled.
  • With WinCC V7: Also close the project if open in the WinCC Explorer.

Archive the entire WinCC Project folder, preferably in the ZIP format.
Alternatively, you copy the WinCC Project folder with the Windows Explorer if there is no archiving program available.

Make sure that the backup procedure was successful and the complete content has been copied.
For this you unpack the archive you created in a new temporary folder and compare in the Windows Explorer the properties of the original project folder with those of the copied folder.

Fig. 01

With WinCC V7: You then check whether the backup project can be opened without errors in the WinCC Explorer and closed again.

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