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Expanding an existing SINAUT plant by ET 200SP stations with the CP 1542SP-1 IRC and TIM 1531 IRC

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For remote transmission, SINAUT projects with the corresponding TIM modules for SIMATIC S7-300/ S7-400, which were created with STEP 7 V5.x, are often found in existing systems. In order to enable greater flexibility of the existing system, the existing system is to be expanded with compatible communication modules from the TIA product portfolio.


An existing V5.6 SINAUT system for communication between a central control station and a SIMATIC S7-300 RTU is extended by an ET 200SP RTU.

The following modules are used as communication modules for expanding the existing SINAUT system:

  • The communication processor CP 1542SP-1 IRC, which is used to connect the SIMATIC ET 200SP RTU to the central control station.

  • The TIM 1531 IRC, which replaces the central TIM 4R-IE of the existing SINAUT plant.

The following functions are implemented in this application example:

  • The two RTUs (S7-300 and ET 200SP) send important process variables to the central control station.

  • The central control center controls and monitors the process

  • The central control station monitors the status of the connected RTUs.     

The following graphic shows the configuration scenario that is implemented in this example.

Documentation and example project

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Additional information 

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