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Sales and delivery release for output reactor 400V G120X 18.5 to 250 kW

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The output reactors for the 400 V voltage class, which can be used together with the SINAMICS G120X converter, are hereby released for sale. Release for delivery is granted upon sales release. This extends the range of output reactors in the 400V voltage range to include new variants for the SINAMICS G120X (more information on G120X is provided in 109762168) in den frame size

Customer benefit
Output reactors reduce the voltage stress on the motor windings. At the same time, capacitive charge/discharge currents are reduced; these place an additional load on the converter when longer motor connecting cables are used. In turn, this means that longer motor connecting cables can be used.

The output reactors are a more cost-effective solution compared to the dv/dt  filter plus VPL for implementing longer lines in the applications.

Requirements / dependencies

The output reactors in IP00 for the FSD-G 400 V (18.5 kW to 250 kW) can be operated with the following converters:



  • Infrastructure sector, e.g. water/wastewater

  • Building infrastructure, e.g. heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

  • Use of frequency converters in public grids

  • HVAC systems in office buildings, shopping malls, airports

Sales strategy

The new output reactors are part of the SINAMICS G options and supplement the converters listed above. The components have an order number and can be sourced through Siemens ordering processes.   

Ordering data for SINAMICS G 120X 400V for the output reactor

400 V converter

Output reactor (article number)


18.5 kW (25 hp)


22 kW (30 hp)


30 kW (40 hp)

37 kW (50 hp)


45 kW (60 hp)


55 kW (75 hp)


75 kW (100 hp)

90 kW (125 hp)

110 kW (150 hp)


132 kW (200 hp)



160 kW (200 hp)


200 kW (250 hp)


250 kW (300 hp)



Support tool

The output reactor 400 V is supported by the following tools:

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