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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109766816, Entry date: 04/16/2019

 SCALANCE W1750D New Firmware Version for SCALANCE W1750D is available

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New Firmware Version for SCALANCE W1750D is available and can be downloaded here. This version contains security-relevant product improvements which increases the robustness. Upgrading to this version is recommended.

Please use the Configuration Manual for further information regarding the update process: 109744800 

Chapter: 30.1 Upgrading an AP

The entry belongs to following products:

SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45   6GK5750-2HX01-1AA0 (Type: RoW)

SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45   6GK5750-2HX01-1AB0 (Type: US)

SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45   6GK5750-2HX01-1AD0 (Type: JP)

SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45 supports virtual clusters in different sizes. For highest performance in high density applications we recommend a maximum of 64 APs in one cluster. Due to the fact, that there is no limitation you can use 128 APs in one virtual cluster with high performance, too. If you want to extend your network above 64 APs or you have very high densities and requirements, we recommend using a compatible Aruba mobility controller.



The current wireless approvals list can be found at www.siemens.com/wireless-approvals

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Here you can download the firmware data:

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  Siemens_Hercules_8.4.0.1_69643.zip (17,5 MB) 

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Here you can download MIB information

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