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Alternative SINAMICS V20 products for SINAMICS G110

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SINAMICS V20 offers restricted compatibility compared to SINAMICS G110. This document advises about main migration products of SINAMICS G110.

Which alternative products are available for the SINAMICS G110?

Regarding „form“ (Gestalt) as well as „function“ (Funktionalität) SINAMICS V20 offers restricted compatibility compared to SINAMICS G110.


A comparison of article numbers is listed in the attachment. Furthermore, dimensions are listed in order to achieve a comprehensive overview

  attachment_G110_to_V20.pdf (11,8 KB) 

The table is intended to provide assistance for typical tasks. It is not a customer-specific solution.

The items available for selection in the table are non-binding and not intended to be exhaustive in terms of configuration and equipment as well as any other eventualities.

The ultimate decision as to whether a particular selection is suitable for a specific application and complies with all applicable standards remains the responsibility of the user.

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