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Standard PCS 7 and SIMIT Water Templates in the Water Industry

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The standard SIMIT Water Templates offer tailor-made templates to simulate and test small to complex plants with the corresponding PCS 7 Water Templates before the actual commissioning. The SIMIT Water Templates are already preconfigured and contain all typical components for the simulation of the functionalities of the PCS 7 Water Templates.

Automation task
The focal points of the water industry consist of the sub-areas:

  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Desalination
  • Irrigation
  • Water transport 

Figure 01

The water industry is closely connected to our environment. During its process-related processing it presents technical as well as economic and environmental requirements. The reduction of servicing and maintenance times as well as the cost savings in planning, engineering, commissioning and training are just as important as the total costs incurred during the entire life cycle of an investment (Total Cost of Ownership = TCO).

In the course of digitization, Siemens offers a holistic concept from engineering to plant operation in response to current and future requirements in the water industry. The integrated concept consisting of the fully integrated planning and documentation software SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA), the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 and the simulation platform SIMATIC SIMIT provides you with a powerful tool package for implementing and operating your plant.

Figure 02 Concept of PAA, PCS 7 and SIMIT

The PCS 7 and SIMIT Water Templates provide ready-made Water Engineering Templates and the corresponding SIMIT simulation models. These fit seamlessly into the concept described above and additionally accelerate the planning and implementation of your plant.

The technical requirements focus on scalable solutions. With the standard PCS 7 Water Templates solutions with CPU S7 IM 151-8/S7-300/S7-400/-410(E) hardware in SIMATIC PCS 7 can be implemented. High availability at all levels is guaranteed at all times. The implementation of reliable instrumentation as well as the simple integration of energy distributions, drives, shifters, valves and frequency converters have also been taken into consideration. In addition, the connection of decentralized buildings (pumping stations, sewer networks, water reservoirs, storage sewers, rainwater retention basins, etc.) via telecontrol (TeleControl for PCS 7/-WinCC), e.g. with IEC-60870 or SINAUT ST7 protocol, is another important aspect. 

The SIMIT Water Templates form the counterpart on the SIMIT side and enable the simulation of the functionalities of the PCS 7 Water Templates. The SIMIT Virtual Controller serves as interface between SIMIT and PCS 7. 


Figure 03 Combination of PCS 7 and SIMIT Water Templates

The SIMIT Water Templates are matched to the PCS 7 Water Templates, but can also be used separately.
A detailed description of the PCS 7 Water Templates can be found below:
Application example - Standard PCS 7 and WinCC/S7 Water Templates for the Water Industry

Procurement of the SIMIT Water Templates
The SIMIT Water Templates can be obtained free of charge from your regional  SIEMENS sales partner.
The download includes a SIMIT project archive and the profiles for all SIMIT WCMT.

Documentation for previous versions
Valid for SIMIT V9.1 and PCS 7 V9.0 SP1
 Standard PCS 7 and SIMIT Water Templates in the Water Industry (4,8 MB)

Additional information - Application example
Application example - telecontrol configurations in water and wastewater engineering
Application example - Typical configurations in water and wastewater technology  

Additional Information - Components and Libraries Used
Sales and Delivery Release: Simulation Software SIMIT V9.1
Download - Simulations software SIMIT V9.1

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