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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109767369, Entry date: 01/02/2020

Extension of the climactic operating range for components of the SIMATIC ET 200SP with overview table

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For a number of components of the ET200SP distributed I/O systems, the ambient temperature during operation in all installation positions is extended to -30 °C (without condensation or icing). The permitted installation altitudes have also been extended to 5000 m depending on the module.

The previously permitted ambient temperature range of the ET200SP distributed I/O system of 0 °C to 60 °C will be extended for a number of components to a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C. This extension applies to all mounting positions. You can find the effected components and their functional versions in the attached table.

  extended_environment_conditions_ET_200SP_12.2019.pdf (435,2 KB)

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The accessories offered for ET200SP (labeling strips, shield terminals, color-coding plates, equipment labeling plates, etc.) can also be used down to -30 °C.

The permitted installation altitudes have also been extended to 5000 m depending on the module.  

The extended climatic operating conditions of the modules is described in the chapter "Technical specifications" of the respective component. Operational constraints for operating the ET200SP in altitudes > 2000 m are described in the system manual or the product information of the ET200SP distributed I/O system.

The attached table shows an overview of the current climatic ambient conditions for ambient temperature and installation altitude for the components of the ET200SP system. The current state of the respective components can be found in the technical specifications published online.  

It is also noted that for a number of components of the ET200AL distributed I/O system, an ambient temperature range down to -30 °C has been released (see entry number 109770235). That means the ET200AL I/O modules can therefore also be connected to an ET200SP and operated in temperatures down to -30 °C.

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