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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109767411, Entry date: 08/23/2021

Update announcement of product phase-out for ET 200S components (status August 2021)

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For the peripheral SIMATIC ET 200S device, the milestone PM400 (announcement of product phase-out) is set for October 1, 2020. The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is available as a functional replacement. Product cancelation (PM410) for the whole system is planned for October 2023. Details see attached phase out plan.

For the distributed peripheral SIMATIC ET 200S device, the product phase-out announcement was set on October 1, 2020. The product cancelation (PM410) for the whole ET 200S system will be set in October 2023. Details see attached phase out plan.

Explanation of milestones during the phase-out phase

  • Announcement of product phase-out (PM400)
    - Components up to and including PM400 are available without restrictions as a new part
    - The product discontinuation (see PM490) will not take place before expiration of a 10-year period following PM400

  • Type cancellation (PM410)
    - Components from PM410 are only available as a spare part

  • Product discontinuation (PM490)
    - Components from PM490 can no longer be ordered. Exception are warranty cases

Overview table including scheduled dates for phase-out and information about the corresponding successor products from the ET 200SP family

The overview table contains 3 worksheets:

  • ET 200S: Comprises interface modules, CPU, I/O modules and accessories
  • ET 200S Motor Starter: Comprises information about the Motor Starters
  • ET 200S SIPLUS: Comprises information about the ET 200S SIPLUS components with extended ambient conditions

The attached overview table shows for individual components the currently scheduled phase-out milestone dates, if already fixed. Please note that, for a few components, different dates apply than for the overall system.

In addition, the overview table contains further information about the corresponding successor components for the peripheral system SIMATIC ET 200SP.

  • Most likely comparable ET 200SP product
    - The most appropriate functionally suitable successor product is listed here.
  • Alternative or recommended ET 200SP product
    - A functionally alternative product or a successor product, which is recommended for market development reasons, is listed here

Download of the overview table: 

 Registrierung notwendig  phase_out_plan_ET_200S_status_August_2021.xlsx (42,3 KB)(SHA-256)

SHA256: 3A7EAE75728CC500F8F441190232D58314D0156FB7BB71BB59AEB52E8BCC67C8

( FAQ: How do you determine the SHA-256 or SHA-512 checksum of a file? 109483101)

In each case, you should check the suitability of the technical features of the respective component for the intended use. A compact summary of the information about all components of the successor system ET 200SP is provided in the SIMATIC ET 200SP Manual Collection 

We recommend that you use the TIA Selection Tool to support the migration from ET 200S to ET 200SP.

If you have any questions regarding the migration, please contact your local sales representative.

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