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LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 SP1 (download, notes, instructions)

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Download LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 SP1 and firmware upgrade description

Notes on upgrading the firmware in LOGO! 8:

  • The firmware update can only be performed with LOGO! 8 with article numbers 6ED1052-xxx08-0BA0.
  • The power supply for the LOGO! may not be interrupted for the duration of the update and must stay within the permissible range for the LOGO! in use. The firmware update can only be carried out with MSD cards.
  • Check the firmware update program, function and settings.

You can find additional information in the product note "Information and contents of LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 SP1 ":  109767410 

Instructions for upgrading the the LOGO! 8 firmware:

  1. Download the files necessary for the update.
  2. Unpack the downloaded file and perform the free update for LOGO! Soft Comfort to version V8.2.1.
  3. Using LOGO! Soft Comfort, copy and back up the program in LOGO! to the PC.
  4. Copy the firmware update files onto the root directory of the MSD card. The files can be found in the LOGO! 8.2 SP1 BM FW update folder (4 files). Changes to the file, for example, file names, are not supported and LOGO! cannot complete the update as a result.
  5. Switch off the power supply for LOGO!.
  6. Insert the MSD card with the firmware update into the MSD card holder and gently insert it into the LOGO!.
  7. Switch on the power supply for LOGO!. Make sure that the power supply of the LOGO! basic unit is stable during the entire firmware update process and that it remains within the range described in the manual. After completion of the process, check the firmware update in the LOGO! basic unit.
  8. If necessary, transfer the previously saved program back to LOGO! and make all the necessary settings.
  9. Check the program, function and settings and adapt them, if necessary.
  10. Record the firmware change by writing the FS version on the LOGO! basic device using a permanent marker pen.

You can upgrade your system from all previous versions to LOGO! Soft Comfort Version V8.2.1 :

          Registrierung notwendig  LOGO_V8_2_SP1_complete.zip (1.3 GB)

            SHA.pdf (35.9 KB)


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