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Delivery release of load foot SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA

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This self-aligning load foot for SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA load cells can be used for the quick and easy construction of platform and hopper scales.

The load foot directly introduces the force introduction into the load cell and is designed for rated load ranges from 500 kg to 5 t (0.49 ... 4.92 tn. l.).

Height compensation is possible using the screw thread.

Together with the pressure piece which is screwed into the load cell, this facilitates an oscillation function which prevents stresses in the load cells. Stresses can arise during installation or when the length of the load bearing implement changes due to thermal expansion.

The rubber cap prevents the load foot from slipping.

Technical specifications

 Load foot for SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA load cells
 Rated load 0,5 … 2 t (0.49 … 1.97 tn L.) 5 t (4.92 tn L.)
 Maximum permissible lateral deflection ±1 mm (0.04 in) ±1 mm (0.04 in)
 Maximum vertical load 30 kN 70 kN

Tightening torques of pressure piece for load cell

 100 ... 110 Nm 100 ... 110 Nm

Tightening torques of fixing screws for load cell

 M12: 100 Nm M20: 450 Nm

Tightening torques of locknut for load foot

 10 ... 15 Nm 10 ... 15 Nm

Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4542; NBR: Nitrile rubber

Technical documentation
The catalogue data sheet for the load foot SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA is available online in the Information and Download center. The manual is available in German and English under following link:

Product selection and ordering
PMD is updated with the new load foot SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA.
Load foot SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA 0.5 ... 2 t (0.49 ... 1.97 tn. l.):    7MH5707-4GH00
Load foot SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA 5 t (4.92 tn. l.):                          7MH5707-4PH00

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