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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109767820, Entry date: 05/22/2019

UMC User Manual Collection V4.7 SP3/4 user documentation for SINUMERIK in all available languages

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A new edition of the User Manual Collection (UMC) for SINUMERIK controllers 840D sl, 828D and 808D ADVANCED is available with immediate effect. article number: 6FC5298-7CA00-1YG2

What are the target groups of the UMC?

The UMC including multi-language documentation is intended for end customers who require the user documentation for setting up and operating the machine.

Which contents are provided on the UMC?

The UMC includes all the current documents in all available languages for the following SINUMERIK controllers:

  • SINUMERIK 840D sl V4.8 SP4 (SP3)

  • SINUMERIK 828D V4.8 SP4 (SP3)


A detailed overview of the documents included can be found here:

  TOC_SINUMERIK_UMC_V4.8_SP3_SP4.pdf (84,9 KB)

System requirements

  • a 2 GHz processor, min. 1 GByte RAM
  • DVD drive
  • Appr. 10 GByte space on hard disc (complete installation)
  • Internet Explorer, ≥11.0
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • ≥ Windows 7
  • Adobe Reader ≥9.4

So you start the manual collection:

  • Excecute the file "Start_MC.exe". You have the choice between:
  • Starting the application directly from DVD,
  • Copying the application the hard drive or network share and start from there.
  • Opening the manuals directly as pdf from a list with no further functionality (PDF-Direktzugriff)

So you close the manual collection:

  • Close the window in the browser and the application with the "Stop" button.

So you deinstall the manual collection:

  • Just delete the folder of the manual collection to “deinstall” the application

More detailed information regarding the use of the User Manual Collection is provided in the online help provided on the DVD