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Which information does Technical Support need to best help you when you have performance problems with panels?

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​​You have contacted Technical Support because your panel because you are having problems with the performance of a SIMATIC panel (the device is slow or the software freezes). The following FAQ response includes a checklist that you should run through so that Technical Support can best help you.

​Upgrade your project to the to the latest version of the TIA Portal. You should also make sure to set the appropriate version of the software for the device in the project. However, if you are only installing an update, you do not need to check the version in the project.

You can download the current version of the TIA Portal (V15.1) on the following page:


Then reset the panel concerned to the factory settings and download the upgraded project to the reset panel.
The procedure is described in the following FAQ response:


If this procedure does not clear the behavior, you should check the following points:

  • Have the system limits of the panel been violated?
    More information about the system limits of the panels is available in the TIA Portal Help:
    Manual, Entry ID: 109755202
  • Does the system clock of the panel keep on running in the event of an error or does it hang as well?
  • Are programs from third parties running on the device when Runtime is active and does disabling these programs have an effect on the behavior of the Runtime?

If checking these points does not lead to an improvement, send the project that is running on the panel concerned to Technical Support.

You should already have received an invitation to the FileShare server of the Technical Support by e-mail.

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