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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109768058, Entry date: 06/03/2019

Product Announcement Selectivity Tables, edition 05/2019

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Release notes compared to edition 05/2018

New device-combination tables:

  • 3WL1 air circuit breaker in combination with 5SU1 RCBO devices
  • 3VA1 molded case circuit breaker in combination with 3VA1, as of frame size 400 A and higher

Exiting device-combination tables:

new product-lines -

  • 5SY60 (1+N) miniature circuit breaker
  • 5SL60 (1+N) miniature circuit breaker

expand product-lines -

  • 3VA2 molded case circuit breaker: frame size 1000 A / 1600 A
  • 3VA1 molded case circuit breaker: frame size 400 A / 630 A / 1000 A
  • 5SY4 miniature circuit breaker: new nominal currents

5SU1 RCBO devices - upgrade selectivity limit values up to breaking-capacity Icu [kA]

Target market:

globally, worldwide



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