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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109768098, Entry date: 08/22/2019

Sales and delivery release for the revised counter module TM Count 1x24V for counting, measuring and position detection in the ET 200SP

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The counter module TM Count 1x24V for the scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system has been revised and is available in the new version. The module provides functions for tasks such as counting, measurement of time or frequency and position detection. Digital inputs and outputs enable precise control and fast reactions.
The counter module ET 200SP TM Count 1x24V is available in a revised version effective immediately.
It features a counting channel for 24V input signals up to 200 kHz.
It replaces the predecessor module TM Count 1x24V with article number 6ES7138-6AA00-0BA0 and is compatible as a spare part, which means that it can be plugged in instead of the predecessor module without requiring further changes.
(detailed information: see manuals and product information)
  • Counting different waveforms of the count signal
    • 1-track count signal, e.g. for counting products, detecting flow or amount of energy
    • 2 separate count signals for forward and backward, e.g. for detecting container content with infeed and discharge
    • 1 count signal with an additional direction signal
    • 2 tracks phase-shifted by 90°, optionally with zero track for detecting positions with incremental encoders
  • Measuring functions for:
    • Frequency,
    • Cycle duration
    • Speed in adjustable unit
  • 3 digital inputs
    • for high speed control of the counting using hardware gate
    • for storing the count value or
    • for setting the count value based on an event
  • Two digital outputs for fast reactions
    • depending on counter reading
    • depending on measured value
  • Integrated 24 V power supply for the encoder position detection for Motion Control in the S7-1500.


A variety of applications can be solved using this module, such as

  • Position detection
  • Speed detection
  • Product length detection
  • Dosing of filling quantities
  • Application of adhesive beads
  • Measurement of workpieces

System integration

The TM Count 1x24V technology module can be used without restriction in the ET 200SP I/O system and benefits from all the advantages of this system.

The TM Count 1x24V technology module can be operated on any A0 type BaseUnit.

Standardized description files (GSD) for PROFIBUS and PROFINET are available for configuring the module. They can be downloaded here:
Profibus: 73016883  Use the station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V1.1 or higher
Profinet: 57138621 

A hardware support package is available for use in STEP 7 V5.6. You can find it in the entry 23183356.



The documentation of the ET 200SP system is modular. It consists of various documents that instruct you, include reference information, or introduce you to cross-product functions.

The documentation of the ET 200SP includes the following documents:

  • ET 200SP System Manual (contains all system-wide valid information)
  • Equipment manuals with descriptions of the respective modules (IM, BaseUnits and I/O modules)
  • Topic-oriented function manuals (general installation guidelines, counter functions, etc.)

Manual title
Download via entry ID
Counting, measuring, position detection function manual
TM Count 1x24V Equipment Manual
ET 200SP System Manual
(including BusAdapter and accessories)
BaseUnits Equipment Manual

 Ordering data

 TypeArticle No. 
TM Count 1x24V
Counter module, 1 channel for 24V incremental or pulse encoder, 3 DI, 2 DQ; PU 1
TM Count 1x24V
Counter module, 1 channel for 24V incremental or pulse encoder, 3 DI, 2 DQ; PU 10

Incoming orders for the existing modules will be automatically re-coded for the successor modules once existing stocks are depleted.

Ordering data for accessories

Article No.
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A0+2B, PU 1
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A0+2B, PU 106ES7193-6BP00-2BA0
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A0+2D, PU 1
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A0+2D, PU 106ES7193-6BP00-2DA0
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A10+2B, PU 1
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A10+2B, PU 106ES7193-6BP20-2BA0
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A10+2D, PU 1
BaseUnit type A0, BU15-P16+A10+2D, PU 106ES7193-6BP20-2DA0
Five shield terminals and five shield supports
160 reference identification labels6ES7193-6LF30-0AW0

More information 

You can find additional information on ET 200SP in the Internet at www.siemens.com/ET200SP or by contacting your SIMATIC partner at your local SIEMENS office (Siemens partners on the Internet). 
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