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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109768155, Entry date: 06/06/2019

 New version V15 of the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD

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Effective immediately, the Ident Systems Software & Documentation DVD (6GT2080-2AA20) will be delivered with version V15.

The order number and the price of the product will not change as a result of the new version.


New features and expansions of the version V15:

The most important new features and changes are listed below. Minor changes and error corrections in the user interface are not listed. In addition, products which are no longer marketed were removed from the navigation interface. Documentations for products that are no longer marketed remains available in the archive under Navigation Service & Support on the DVD.


  • The optical identification (OID) has been integrated into the DVD navigation.

  • Application example for RF1060R/RF1070R in the area "RF200 / Tools & Applications"

  • The communication modules RF185C, RF186C, RF188C are included.

  • The RF615R reader is included.


  • Various documentations and manuals have been updated

  • New version of the IODD files for the RF200 IO-Link readers

  • New GSDML file for RF680R/RF685R

  • FB 45 is now also available as project for TIA Portal V14 and higher.

  • Library for operation of RFID 181EIP on Rockwell PLC via Ethernet/IP is now available in version V2.1. This means all identification systems (RF200/300/600 and MV400/500) can now be operated with one library.


  • The field data calculation tool for RF300 is no longer contained on the DVD. In future, this tool will only be supported in the TIA Selection tool. It will show up there when you create a plant under "SIMATIC Ident / Ident Plant Configuration / RF300 or RF200“. You will see a corresponding note with the title "System planning" on the DVD under "RF200/RF300 / Tools & Applications".

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