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PSPPM™ v 1.5.1 (June. 2019), Product Note , Process Safety Pressure Protection Manager™,

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Updated June 2019, PSPPM PRA per API 520, API 521, API 526, & Design Institute for Emergency Relief System ( DIERS) methods

PSPPM™ 1.5.1 is the current General Availability (GA) version and was released to customers in June 2019.

PSPPM™ is an enterprise-level process safety application used by oil and gas, refining and chemical process industries for data management, documentation, design and rating of pressure relief and disposal systems in accordance with industry standards and methodologies. PSPPM offers users a process safety information management system with over 40 calculation methods that can be used for relief device sizing, flare header analysis and maintaining evergreen data throughout the plant lifecycle. PSPPM serves as a corporate standard for many oil and gas companies worldwide, a key indication of how our software is differentiated in the market.

PSPPM 1.5.1 General Availability (GA) version was released to customers in June 2019. Customers are requested to upgrade to the latest GA version to benefit from the following enhancements and fixes over prior versions.

Improved work processes for review and approval of changes through the creation of a new reviewer role

External Fire Calculation Methods (API 521, 6th Edition): Updated engineering basis will improve accuracy of scenario calculation methods covering vessel with vapor, vessel all liquid, low pressure tank, supercritical, heat input rate, heat up time, latent heat, environmental factor, transient analysis and equipment wetted surface area

Failure of Automatic Controls – Gas Blow By: Improved accuracy of gas blow-by scenario calculation method to include liquid displacement and 2-phase relief calculations

Relief Device Sizing Calculations: Improvements to sonic velocity and outlet piping pressure drop calculation for vapor or gas PSV sizing method, use of superimposed backpressure in the determination of the total valve backpressure, ability to select integral sizing for relief streams of all relief phases (vapor, liquid, two-phase, supercritical).

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: Additional data inputs to improve volume calculation based on geometry

API 2000 7th edition: Addition of scenario calculation Method for low pressure tank- Inbreathing & Out-breathing so that PSPPM is up to date with the most recent version of the code

Improved user experience: For process stream definition, utility streams, separation of case data & options, intuitive double-clicking, and scaling screens to default magnification levels in Windows

Reporting Enhancements: Allow reporting for the entire site, updates to Pressure Relief Device (PRD) List report, Scenario Detail Form Report, Inlet Pressure Drop Concern Report, and Rate Dependent Scenarios Report for an enterprise view. Ability to track work approval status by user in a new Approval Status report

Technology Subject to a Third-Party License (Third Party software updates): Update PSPPM for the Windows .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows 10 to for improved system performance and security, and hydraulic solvers for improved interface connectivity

Software License Metrics and Academic use: Ability for customers to purchase PSPPM Cloud delivered by Siemens, named or concurrent user licenses with full access and read only access rights, and addition of a product usage log for license usage audits. Ability for Universities to procure licenses for academic use

PSPPM 1.5.1 includes ~35  additional error corrections over the previous GA version to improve quality and bring the software to conform to its documentation. The release notes document in the software installation package includes a description of the enhancements and error corrections.

PSPPM helps to minimize common pain points associated with relief systems management via:

  • Wide selection of calculation methods for determining single and multiphase required relief rates and stream properties based upon API, ASME and DIERS methodologies.

  • Comprehensive analysis of disposal systems includes relief headers, knockout drums separation rating and flare tip, flare radiation and pressure drop ratings

  • Single repository for relief and disposal system process safety information, management of design basis for different plant modes of operation, and interoperability from capital projects to operations.

The software license can be purchased for specific license metrics including types of users, installation options, and license term. Subscription includes product support services, patch and minor release updates to the software.

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