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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109768342, Entry date: 06/14/2019

Release and download for firmware update V3.1 of IE/PB LINK PN IO (6GK1411-5AB10)

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The IE/PB LINK PN IO (6GK1411-5AB10) is delivered with firmware version V3.1. The firmware is independent of the hardware version and can be operated on all previous hardware versions. The IE/PB LINK PN IO already in use with firmware version V3.0 can be upgraded free of charge via firmware update.

1. Product description

With the update the IE/PB LINK PN IO (6GK1411-5AB10) is functionally compatible with the previous version. It can therefore be configured with the same STEP 7 / NCM version. It is not necessary to upgrade STEP 7 or NCM.

Functional extensions:

  • Operation of a DP/PA LINK as PROFIBUS DB slave on an IE/PB LINK PN IO

  • Operation of a DP/FF LINK as PROFIBUS DB slave on an IE/PB LINK PN IO

  • IE/PB LINK PN IO now supports additional bus adapters. A complete list of all supported bus adapters can be found in the manual 109744280 

Product improvements:

  • General improvement of the performance of the IE/PB LINK PN IO, for example

  • The startup behavior is considerably faster when a PB DP string is included.
  • The F-monitoring time no longer responds if, for example, a module of a slave is updated downstream from the IE/PB LINK PN IO.
  • The SNMP objects sysContact, sysName, sysLocation are now saved retentively
  • According to the valid definitions for maintenance situations, the MT LED is no longer switched on when the redundancy of the power supply is lost.
  • The IE/PB LINK PN IO now reliably displays the correct status of the plugged-in BA module in the online diagnostics.
  • Redundant power supply is now correctly co-monitored in the diagnostics buffer.
  • If the slaves are deactivated, the correct LED screen (no ER-LED) is now displayed on the IE/PB LINK PN IO.
  • IE/PB LINK PN IO in standard mode: Parameter changes (such as overwriting the device name, changing the IP address  or reset) are now active immediately, not only after power off/on.



Notice! When replacing modules without PG/PC, the voltage must be switched off/on again after plugging in the C-PLUG when using a brand-new IE/PB LINK.


An upgrade to the new firmware version is generally recommended.


2. Configuration

The full range of functions as of FW V3.1 of the IE/PB LINK PN IO is configured with the following configuration tools:

  • STEP 7 V5.6 + SP1 + HSP 1107      or

  • STEP 7 Basic / Professional V15.1

In case of device replacement or if the functionality of the predecessor module suffices, configuration and diagnostics can also be performed using earlier STEP 7 versions.

3. Additional information about IE/PB LINK PN IO

Manual for SIMATIC NET IE/PB LINK PN IO ID 109744280 

4. License Clearing:

Third-party software – license conditions and copyright information

You can find the copyright information for the third-party software contained in this product, particularly open source software, as well as applicable license conditions of such third-party software in the ReadMe_OSS file.

Special note for resellers

The information and the license conditions in the Readme_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

  Registrierung notwendig  IE_PB_LINK_PN_IO_3_1_180130_ReadMe.html (2.7 MB) 

5. Download FW update

The FW update V3.1 for IE/PB LINK PN IO (6GK1411-5AB10) is available for download via this link

 Registrierung notwendig  IEPB-LINK-PNIO_V03. (9.8 MB) 

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