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Operation of the ET 200SP HA with STEP 7 V5.6

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The I/O line SIMATIC ET 200SP HA can now be configured in STEP 7 from V5.6 onwards.

The provided Hardware Support Packages (HSP) enable you to configure the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA modules that are not yet included in the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation.

The procedure how to update the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation with this download is described in the following entry
How can you update the hardware catalog without direct internet access?

The required HSP are included in the STEP 7 HSP collection. The download is provided via the following article
STEP 7 V5.x Hardware Support Packages (HSPs - as at 07/2019) for installing hardware updates in the Hardware Configuration 

The following HSP are required for configuring the ET 200SP HA:
  • HSP0272: IM 155-6 PN
  • HSP0273: AI
  • HSP0274: AQ
  • HSP0275: DI
  • HSP0276: DQ
  • HSP0277: RQ
  • HSP0278: Busadapter

To operate ET 200SP HA in STEP 7, the latest firmware must be installed on the interface module.
The firmware can be obtained here
Firmware update: ET 200SP HA Interface Module IM155-6 PN 

The full range of functions of the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA can only be implemented in conjunction with a CPU 410 from V8.2 onwards. When operating with STEP 7 there are the following restrictions:

  • no Configuration in Run
  • no Sequence of Events
  • no highly available Profinet structure R1 (redundant CPU with redundant interface module)
  • I/O redundancy is possible with the SIMATIC S7-400 V6H, but no redundancy library is available. 

Overview of functions

Figure 01 Overview of functions

STEP 7 Project engineering with I/O redundancy
I/O redundancy is possible in STEP 7 with the SIMATIC S7-400 V6H. A library is not available. The following project planning regulations must be observed:

  • Observe slot rules for I/O redundancy according to system manual ET 200SP HA (Entry ID 109761547)
  • In the case of input modules (DI; AI), the respective input data is read by both modules in redundancy mode. The QI bits must be taken into account when deciding on one of the two values.
  • With digital outputs (DQ), the outputs are linked wired-or in redundancy mode; for a "0" at the output, both modules must output "0".
  • In the case of analog output (AQ), only the setpoint value is specified, even in redundancy mode. The redundancy partners then automatically output half the target current.
  • All diagnoses are identically available in redundancy mode, and redundancy-specific maintenance messages are also available.

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