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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109768726, Entry date: 06/28/2019

Release TeleControl Server Basic V3.1 + Update 3 (V3.1.0.3) for demo mode

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This releases the TeleControl Server Basic (TCSB) V3.1.0.3 control station software for operation in demo mode. An appropriate license of the current software must be purchased for full use.

The TeleControl Server Basic software connects up to 5,000 SIMATIC remote terminal units (RTUs) to a control center via mobile wireless communication and Ethernet / internet. Connection to the client takes place via OPC UA or OPC DA. This allows telecontrol solutions to be economically implemented in the fields of water/wastewater, logistics, maintenance and energy optimization.  

With the release of the product version TCSB V3.1.0.3, this version is also released for demo mode.


Notes for TCSB operation in demo mode:

If no license to use this program is purchased, the program runs in demo mode. This enables operation of a connection from the TCSB to a telecontrol station / RTU. If you activate multiple connections, you will see notes on licensing.

Copying and/or distributing the program is not permitted. Furthermore, the user is not permitted to decompile and/or edit, change or integrate the program into other programs. The use of the program in demo mode is at your own risk and is not suitable for productive operation. 

Please note: There is no technical support via the Siemens hotline for programs that are operated in demo mode. A valid license is required for this.


TCSB license:

You can find information about the TeleControl Server Basic V3.1.0.3 control station software and download the software in the entry "Sales and delivery release TeleControl Server Basic V3.1 + Update 3 (V3.1.0.3) incl. download" from 5 June 2019: 109768153 

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