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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109769004, Entry date: 08/08/2019

Restriction on enabling UMAC (User Management and Access Control) protection in Startdrive V15.1 and V15.1 UPD1

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When you enable UMAC protection in a project with Startdrive V15.1 or V15.1 UPD1 and SINAMICS G drives in a group folder, the project becomes unusable.
You have a TIA Portal project which contains with Startdrive added SINAMICS G110M, G120, G120C, G120D and/or G120P drives inside group folders. (Not affected are CU320-2 based drives: SINAMICS S120, G130, G150, S150, S210 und MV)

If you enable UMAC protection (User Management and Access Control) for such a project, the project becomes unusable due to a defect in Startdrive V15.1 (with or without UPD1).
Impacts of the defect is observed only when you re-open the project after enabling UMAC protection.

Only this product releases in combination with SINAMICS G drives are affected:

  • Startdrive V15.1
  • Startdrive V15.1 UPD1

The defect is fixed in Startdrive V15.1 UPD2 release. 
With Startdrive V15.1 UPD2, or newer, the UMAC protection can be enabled without any restrictions

Note: The projects already affected by the defect can not be repaired/recovered using Startdrive V15.1 UPD2.

Follow the steps in chapter 3 of the download.

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