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Monitoring devices

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Monitoring devices perform numerous functions to protect people and machinery: At dusk, they switch on automatically, control the temperature or signal the location where a fuse has tripped. They also ensure reliable switchover to the emergency power supply, monitoring of emergency lighting, overload-free operation of motors, and neutral conductor monitoring for breakage and overvoltage.

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Monitoring devices perform numerous functions to protect people and machinery

Monitoring devices for electrical values

Residual current monitors (RCMs) detect faults in systems and make it possible to eliminate these faults before the protective device switches off, which increases plant and operating safety and cuts costs.

Current relays monitor emergency lighting installations and the loading of motors, for example. Insulation monitors are used to protect people in non-grounded networks – IT networks. Another use is the monitoring of ranges used in medical applications, with automatic switchover of the voltage.

  • 5SV8 residual current monitors
  • 5TT3 voltage relays
  • 5TT6 current relays
  • 5TT3 fuse monitors
  • 5TT3 phase and phase sequence monitors
  • 5TT3 insulation monitors for industrial applications

Monitoring Devices for Plants and Equipment

In the event of a fault, fault signaling units enable fast fault localization for all the monitoring devices and limit monitors installed in a plant from a central location, thus increasing plant availability. EMERGENCY STOP circuits are common safety measures in laboratory equipment and industrial plants. Twilight switches are used for timely switching of lighting installations for shop windows or sidewalks in order to cut operating costs. Other uses include level and temperature control, as well as the monitoring of asynchronous motors for underload and idling.

  • 5TT3 fault signaling units
  • 5TT5 EMERGENCY STOP modules
  • 5TT3 level relays
  • 5TT3 line circuit relays


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