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Busbar systems

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The use of busbar systems with their versatile rail-adaptable connection, switching and installation devices is an ideal and cost-effective electrotechnical enhancement of modern distribution boards thanks to their small footprint, compact design and quick assembly contacts. There is a notable reduction in costs compared to conventional installation in control cabinets.

8US 40 mm busbar systems up to 400 A

The 40 mm busbar system is used in machine and installation distribution boards, meter cabinets and power distribution systems in the lower performance range up to 400 A.

8US busbar systems are used for mounting current-limiting devices (protective devices), such as fuse switch disconnectors, circuit breakers and complete load feeders, directly onto busbars.

8US 60 mm compact busbar systems up to 360 A, 5-pole

The 60 mm compact busbar system is especially useful for space-saving solutions in distribution boards with a 12 x 5 or 12 x 10 mm busbar up to 360 A.

8US 60 mm compact busbar up to 1600 A, 3-pole

The 60 mm busbar system is mainly used in control cabinet installations, motor control centers and power distribution systems in the medium (630 A) and top performance ranges (1600 A, special profile).



SIMARIS therm 2.5
Power loss data for control panel devices
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Configuration Manual Busbar Systems
Busbar adapter, 250 A, for use with 3VA52 / 3VA61 / 3VA62 / 3VA12 / 3VA20 / 3VA21 / 3VA22
Busbar adapter, 125 A, for use with: NGG, HGG, LGG, 3VA10, 3VA11, 3VA51
Busbar adapter, 125 A, for use with: NGG, HGG, LGG, 3VA10, 3VA11, 3VA51
Busbar adapter
Configuration Manual Miniature Circuit Breakers
Busbar adapter, 600 A, for use with 3VA23 / 3VA24 / 3VA63 / 3VA64
SIMARIS Software SIMARIS therm Planning Tool
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