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SIVACON System Cubicles, System Lighting and System Air-Conditioning

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The flexibility of the SIVACON 8MF system cubicles gives you a competitive edge. Thanks to the use of maintenance-free and energy-saving LED technology, SIVACON 8MR system lighting has a very long service life. Moreover, SIVACON 8MR system air-conditioning offers a comprehensive portfolio which can easily be adapted to meet customer requirements.

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Simplify your control cabinet planning with the graphical configurator for SIVACON 8MF1

The configurator can be found under "Tools".

SIVACON 8MF system cubicles 

Much more than an enclosure: be it a data cabinet or a ventilated/unventilated basic cabinet


- One system – many versions

- Flexible combinations

- Modified in line with requirements

- Customized development

- Just-in-time delivery


Suitable for your needs

With SIVACON 8MF system cubicles, you can count on a system that adapts to meet your needs. This wide range of control cubicles is used in mechanical engineering and plant building, control engineering, wind power, photovoltaics, and many other industries. Customers select from a host of standard versions, and they configure their cubicle themselves with the help of a flexible modular system, or they profit from tailor-made special solutions.

SIVACON 8MR system lighting

Optimum illumination

Thanks to use of the maintenance-free and energy-saving LED technology, the SIVACON 8MF/8MR system lighting has a very long useful life. By means of magnetic fixing, the lights can be fastened anywhere in steel cubicles without installation effort, thus ensuring optimum illumination. Electrical connection is established via a two-pin plug with a lock. This minimizes wiring effort at the customer's premises.

SIVACON 8MR system air-conditioning

Adaptive temperature control

The integrated SIVACON 8MR system air-conditioning portfolio can be adapted to all customer requirements. It is ideally suitable for control cubicles with restricted space conditions and a high density of built-in electrical/electronic components. Control cubicle heater units are used for uniform temperature control of control cubicles and enclosures with built-in electrical/electronic components. This avoids condensation or frost and consequent malfunctions. This is decisive for the availability and reliability of the control cubicle.

In control cubicles, depending on the ambient conditions (e.g. heat, cold, air humidity etc.), there may be a tendency to overheat or for mold to form. In such cases the cubicles should be air-conditioned. The following air-conditioning equipment is available for this purpose:

  • Filter fans
  • Air conditioners/cooling devices
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heaters/thermostats

When selecting individual air-conditioning components, the ambient temperature, the power losses of the installed devices, the maximum permissible device temperatures and the heat dissipation capacity of the cubicle used are the factors to be considered. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the required degree of protection.

We offer you flexible control cabinet installation with 2000 accessory elements and 90 enclosures:


Calculation tool:

SIMARIS therm helps you to correctly dimension the heat dissipation of control cabinets.



Simplify your control cabinet planning with the graphical configurator for SIVACON 8MF1: We offer you a portfolio comprising 2000 individual elements and 90 enclosure sizes.


Application example

Technical Basic Information - SIVACON 8MF1 system cubicle
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SIMARIS therm 2.5
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SIMARIS Software SIMARIS therm Planning Tool

SIMARIS Software SIMARIS therm Planning Tool

8MF1 system cubicles

8MF1 – Cable duct / standard mounting rail, cable clamping rail, cable fastening rail and telescopic rail
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8MR system lighting

Compact Enclosure Light, 8MF4900
SIVACON sicube 8MF2 - Cabinet System
Quick Start Guide
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8MR system air-conditioning

Air conditioner for electric enclosure
LED lights
Roof fans and roof ventilation IP54
Heating unit, HV (L)
Filter fan and outlet filter, IP5X and EMV
Heating unit, 8MR2110X
Temperature regulator 8MR217
PTC Heater
Touch-Safe PTC Fan Heater
Humidity regulator, 8MR2170
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Catalog - System Cubicles, System Lighting and System Air-Conditioning (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 10/2021)
Brochure - SIVACON 8MF1 system cubicles - As versatile as your requirements
Catalog LV 10 • 10/2021 - Low-Voltage Power Distribution and Electrical Installation Technology
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