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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109769177, Entry date: 08/14/2019

Sales and delivery release of CM 1xDALI for SIMATIC ET 200SP

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Effective immediately, the ET 200SP electronics module CM 1xDALI allows lighting applications to be controlled directly from the SIMATIC user program using the DALI lighting control system.

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and allows the control, diagnostics and parameter assignment of up to 64 lights and sensors via a two-wire bus line. DALI is standardized according to IEC 62386 and is enjoying ever growing popularity in modern lighting applications. The CM 1xDALI module serves one bus line as DALI V2 multi-master.

Advantages of DALI

Advantages of DALI compared to conventional lighting solutions:

  • Simple wiring via non polarity 2-wire line
  • Virtually any topology in line, star or tree structure
  • Control of up to 64 lights (DALI control gear) on one control line
  • Recording of sensors (DALI control devices) such as switches, motion detectors or brightness sensors
  • Formation of max. 16 groups for common control
  • Definition of up to 16 scenes
  • Turn on, turn off or dimming of individual lights, groups or all via broadcast command
  • Diagnostics of upstream device and light sources

Properties of the ET 200SP CM 1xDALI module

The CM 1xDALI module has the following properties:

  • DALI V2 multi-master application controller for 1 bus line
  • Up to 64 lights (DALI control gear)
  • Up to 63 sensors (DALI input devices) with max. 32 instances each
  • Integrated DALI bus power supply with 160 mA
  • Storage of the DALI device configuration in the module for replacing individual DALI devices without using a parameterization tool
  • Comprehensive S7-1500 library available to operate the module
  • DALI certification according to DALI V2 for the parts IEC 62386-101 / -103
  • Support for different DALI device types, such as LED modules, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps, etc.
  •  Receipt of events sent by input devices (e.g. pushbuttons). (Multi-master operation)

Target markets

The CM 1xDALI is particularly suitable for controlling the lighting in

  • Tunnel applications, also in setup with S2 redundancy
  • Factory halls
  • Logistics systems
  • Ships (shipbuilding certificates available soon)
  • Other lighting control applications equipped with an ET 200SP

Design - Integrated DALI bus power supply

The integrated DALI bus power supply can supply upstream DALI devices and sensors with a 160 mA current. This means that all the devices together should not require more than 160 mA in total. Add together the consumption of each individual device.
Example: You operate 50 upstream devices with power requirements of 2 mA each. (50 x 2 mA = 100 mA). You also want to operate 8 sensors with power requirements of 6 mA each on the same bus. (8 x 6 mA = 48 mA)
100 mA + 48 mA < 160 mA. This configuration can be operated with the integrated power supply. If the configuration requires more than 160 mA, you can switch off the integrated power supply and use an external DALI bus power supply with up to 250 mA.

Design - DALI control devices (sensors)

The address space of DALI allows up to 64 control devices. One of these addresses is occupied by CM 1xDALI, so there are 63 short addresses free for control devices. Each sensor can contain up to 32 instances.

The CM 1xDALI can save the parameters of up to 64 individual instances. This means that 63 sensors with 1 instance each or 8 sensors with 8 instances each can be managed with their parameters in CM 1xDALI. If you require more instances, you can address and configure these with the CM 1xDALI, but you cannot buffer the parameters in the module in order to supply the replacement device with the new parameters easily in a replacement scenario. Applicative solutions in the CPU allow the parameters of more than 64 instances to be managed.

System environment

The CM 1xDALI can be operated with all BaseUnits of the type U0.

A Hardware Support Package (HSP) for Step 7 (TIA Portal) V15.1 is available for download for the CM 1xDALI. 72341852
The CM 1xDALI is integrated as of Step 7 (TIA Portal) V16.
You can find the GSD files here for Profinet 57138621 and for Profibus 73016883 

A library for Step 7 (TIA Portal) V15.1 is available for download for the CPUs of the S7-1500 series (CPU 15xx). Use the contained function blocks and data types for communication with the CM 1xDALI. You can find the library for download here. 109767048

Possibilities for use with other CPU series are in preparation. Please ask your sales partner.


You can find the manual with information on the module and a description of the function blocks here 109769428 or in the Manual Collection.
An application example will soon be available.

Ordering data

 Type Article No.

DALI V2 multi-master module



 AccessoriesArticle No. 
Base Unit BU20-P16+A0+2B, BU type U0, pack quantity: 1 unit, push-in terminals, without AUX terminals, bridged to the left, W x H: 20 mm x 117 mm 6ES7193-6BP00-0BU0
 Base Unit BU20-P16+A0+2B, BU type U0, pack quantity: 10 units, push-in terminals, without AUX terminals, bridged to the left, W x H: 20 mm x 117 mm 6ES7193-6BP00-2BU0
Base Unit BU20-P16+A0+2D, BU type U0, pack quantity: 1 unit, push-in terminals, without AUX terminals, new potential group, W x H: 20 mm x 117 mm 6ES7193-6BP00-0DU0
Base Unit BU20-P16+A0+2D, BU type U0, pack quantity: 10 units, push-in terminals, without AUX terminals, new potential group, W x H: 20 mm x 117 mm 6ES7193-6BP00-2DU0
SIMATIC ET 200SP, 160 reference designation labels, 10 mats (160 labels), for BA, BU, IM and I/O modules 6ES7193-6LF30-0AW0
500 labeling strips on roll, light gray, for inscription with thermal transfer roll printer 6ES7193-6LR10-0AA0
1000 labeling strips DIN A4, light gray, carton, for labeling with laser printer


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