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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109769506, Entry date: 09/11/2019

Safety engineering with AS-Interface in the SIMATIC ET 200SP: Emergency stop shutdown and protective door monitoring with tumbler

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Protective doors are frequently used to fence off danger zones. The application example describes the monitoring of a protective door with tumbler including emergency stop. The fail-safe controller is connected to CM AS-i Master and F-CM AS-i Safety in an ET 200SP station via AS-Interface, thus significantly reducing cabling.

Emergency stop shutdown up to SIL 3 or PL e and protective door monitoring with tumbler up to SIL 2 or PL d with AS-i ET 200SP CM AS-i Master and F-CM AS-i Safety

Principle of operation:

The fail-safe controller monitors the emergency stop device and the safety switch on two channels. Both devices have an integrated AS-i slave and are thereby connected to AS-Interface. The two signals are transmitted to the fail-safe controller using the combination of CM AS-i Master and F-CM AS-i Safety (modules of the ET 200SP station).

The position of a protective door is monitored via one safety switch. In addition, the door is locked by means of a tumbler integrated in the safety switch.

When the command to release the door is issued by means of a toggle switch, safety switch-off of the power contactors takes place via the fail-safe controller. On expiry of a set time, the tumbler is unlocked and access to the machine is enabled. After the door has been closed and locked again, the Start button can be used to switch on again.

When the emergency stop device is actuated, the fail-safe controller switches off the power contactors in a safety-related way. If the emergency stop device is reset, the Start button can be used to switch on again.

Start buttons and toggle switches are also read in via AS-Interface. Restarting is only possible when the feedback circuit of the power contactors is closed.

The "Stopping in an emergency" safety function is designed up to SIL 3 or PL e.

The "Protective door monitoring" and "Protective door tumbler" safety functions are designed up to SIL 2 or PL d.

Taking account of fault exclusions, use of only one safety switch with or without tumbler is permissible up to SIL 2 or PL d. More information 35443942

The Function Manual "Safety engineering with AS-Interface in the SIMATIC ET 200SP including typical circuit diagram" provides you with a detailed description of this application example.

You can find further application examples and information on safety engineering in the Application Manual "SIRIUS Safety Integrated"
The application example shown here can be found in the chapter "Typical combinations of multiple safety functions".

SET file for evaluation of safety functions using the Safety Evaluation Tool:
 Registrierung notwendig  SET_E-Stop_SIL3_Protective_door_tumbler_SIL2_AS-i_en.zip (30,3 KB) 

TIA Portal project file:
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_E-Stop_SIL3_Protective_door_tumbler_SIL2_AS-i.zip (2.0 MB)

Circuit diagram file:
 Registrierung notwendig  Wiring_E-Stop_SIL3_Protective_door_tumbler_SIL2_AS-i.zip (76.9 KB)


To use the SET file you need the Safety Evaluation Tool, which supports you in evaluating safety functions in line with the relevant standards.