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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109769532, Entry date: 07/25/2019

Sales and delivery release for SIMATIC RF186CI, RF188CI communication modules

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Effective immediately, the SIMATIC RF186CI and SIMATIC RF188CI communication modules for connecting RFID readers, optical readers and sensors are now released for sale and delivery. By introducing the new communication modules SIMATIC RF185C, RF186C and RF188C, we are expanding the portfolio by two additional modules with digital inputs and outputs.

Communications modules SIMATIC RF185C, RF186C/CI and RF188C/CI

Product description

The communication modules SIMATIC RF185C, RF186C and RF188C were already released for delivery back in December 2018. You can find a description here: 109762807. Below we are focusing on the new characteristics of the added modules SIMATIC RF186CI and RF188CI.

  • SIMATIC RF186CI for connecting two readers and sensors/actuators
  • SIMATIC RF188CI for connecting four readers and sensors/actuators

The two modules also come with an additional M12 connector, 5 pins in A coding. You can connect a sensor or an actuator with a standard sensor cable directly to this connector. In addition, this interface can be extended by an IO-Link hub to offer up to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. The M12 connector meets the specification of a Class B connector of IO-Link. The IO signals are mapped directly in the process picture of a controller. This turns the communication module into a central control unit for an identification point in the production.


Highlights and benefits

  • Up to four parallel reader channels ensure real-time mode at dynamic read points.
  • Reader connection using an 8-pin M12 connector for fast installation of all components.
  • Two M12 connectors each for Profinet and power supply and an integrated switch allow several PROFINET/Ethernet modules to be installed in a star, line or bus topology. Each application can then be set up quickly and inexpensively.
  • The L-coded M12 connector can conduct currents up to 16 A. This facilitates easy wiring of the 24 V cable and thus reduces cabling work.
  • Thanks to the D-coded M12 connector for PROFINET/Ethernet, a wide range of pre-assembled cables in different versions is available to order in the Siemens portfolio. This saves time and money during installation and ensures better quality.
  • Easy migration to the new communication modules thanks to software compatibility with predecessor versions of the module (FB45, Ident profile)
  • The OPC UA protocol allows these communication modules to be used for PC and cloud applications and third-party controllers in equal measure. This reduces the hardware complexity and spare part inventory requirements.
  • High-performance hardware ensures fast data exchange with the reader. Consequently, data is available for the application even faster.
  • Simple firmware downloading in the case of function expansions and error rectification ensures high availability of the identification system.
  • Web-based management as well as adjustable and parameterizable diagnostics facilitate easy commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • The connection of sensors and actuators makes for an easy setup of an inflow/outflow control system and allows for the control of switches and signal lights at manufacturing stations without additional cabling to the controller.


You can find the technical documentation for the communication modules here:109768523 



Ordering data


Article no.

SIMATIC RF186C communication module for two readers and sensors


SIMATIC RF188C communication module for four readers and sensors


 Ordering data for accessories


Article no.

Network cables


Pre-assembled IE FC TP trailing cable GP 2x2 (PROFINET Type C), with two 4-pin M12 connectors (D-coded)


0.3 m


0.5 m


1 m


1.5 m


2 m


3 m


5 m


10 m


15 m



Connecting cable to power supply

Pre-assembled, with two 4-pin, L-coded male/female straight connectors.


0.5 m


1 m


1.5 m


2 m


3 m


5 m


10 m


15 m




RFID accessories


Reader cable for SIMATIC RF200 / RF300 / RF600 / MV440 / MV500
Or extension cable, PUR material, CM approval, suitable for cable carriers


2 m, straight connector


5 m, straight connector


10 m, straight connector


20 m, straight connector


50 m, straight connector


2 m, connector angled at reader


5 m, connector angled at reader


10 m, connector angled at reader


M12 sealing caps for unused reader connections

Minimum order quantity 10 units.


"RFID Systems Software & Documentation" DVD


Accessories for sensors


Sensor cable 2 x M12, 3-wire, 1.5 m


Sensor cable 2 x M12, 3-wire, 5 m

6GT2 891-4MH50

Sensor cable 2 x M12, 3-wire, 10 m

6GT2 891-4MN10

IO-Link expansion module K20, 4 DI, 2 x M12


IO-Link expansion module K20, 8 DI, 8 x M8


M12 connector, male for CM, screw-type terminals, 4-pin

6GK1 907-0DB10-6AA3 

M12 connector, male for sensors, screw-type terminals, 4-pin

6GK1 907-0DC10-6AA3 


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