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SIMATIC Industrial OS - Setting up a Linux update server for SIMATIC IPCs

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This document describes how to update the program packages of your SIMATIC IPCs in the LAN via a local update server.


An industrial production plant contains several SIMATIC IPCs that work with the SIMATIC Industrial OS operating system. These IPCs are connected to each other via Ethernet in the local network (LAN).
To protect against threats from the Internet, a firewall separates the LAN from the Internet. The IPCs in the LAN cannot establish an external connection. Access to public update servers is therefore not possible.
Nevertheless, the operating system of the IPCs and the application programs installed on them are to be updated. Typical applications are e.g. new versions of application programs of the IPCs or security updates of the operating system.
Furthermore, in large networks with many IPCs, it should be prevented that the existing Internet connection is overloaded by simultaneous updates of the IPCs.

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