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How do you create a SIMATIC Ident technology object "TO_Ident"?

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As of TIA Portal V14 SP1, you can use the SIMATIC Ident technology object "TO_Ident" for your RFID or OID application. These instructions show you how to set the required parameters for operation with the SIMATIC Ident technology object "TO_Ident".

The technology object for SIMATIC Ident products creates an easy to parameterize interface between the configured hardware (Fig. 01) and the Ident instructions (Fig. 02). The technology object thus automatically determines all parameters required for operation.

Fig. 01

Fig. 02

The Ident statements are integrated in TIA Portal as of V13 SP1. Further detailed information on the SIMATIC Ident technology object can be found in the Online Help of TIA Portal V15.1 and higher.


  • To use the SIMATIC Ident technology object "TO_Ident", you require at least TIA Portal V14 SP1. You need Portal V15.1 for compact readers RF610R and RF615R as well as communication modules RF185C, RF186C and RF188C.
  • You have created a STEP 7 project with an S7-1200/1500 controller and a communication module (see Fig. 01). You can do the configuration via PROFINET or PROFIBUS.

General functions
You can use the Ident profile or Ident blocks. A reader cannot be operated simultaneously via the Ident blocks and via the Ident profile.
Ident profile: A complex block that receives all the commands and functions for RFID and OID system.
Ident blocks: Simplified interface of the Ident profile. Every Ident blocks contains one single command of the Ident profile.

In the following instructions for creating a technology object the Ident blocks of an RF300 reader are used as an example.


  1. Double-click in the project navigation of the TIA Portal under "Technology Objects > Add new object".
  2. Specify a name and mark "SIMATIC Ident" and "TO_Ident". Then click "OK".

    Fig. 03
  3. Specify the basic parameter (see Fig. 5) "Ident device" and select a channel.
    A channel corresponds to the following:
    - For RF200/RF300 the channel number on the communication module.
    - For RF600 a configured read point.

    Fig. 04
  4. Parameterize the IID device according to your application. The different IID devices have different parameter sets.
    "IID device" designates an RFID device of the type RF200/RF300/RF600 or a camera system of the type MV400/MV500.

    Fig. 05

  5. Call the Ident blocks (the FBs "Reset_Reader", "Read", "Write" and "Set_Ant_RF300", for example) in the OB1 cycle.
  6. Click each Ident block in the editing field at the input "HW_Connect" and select the previously created technology object that represents the reader or the read point.
  7. Compile and save your project.

Further Information
More information is available in the Online Help of the TIA Portal.
The function manual is available in Entry ID 109762333 

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