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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109770094, Entry date: 08/12/2019

Update for PROFIsafe Starter Kit V3.5

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The new PROFIsafe Starter Kit Version V3.5.1 is available ex store and for download for registered customers. The PROFIsafe driver included in the Starter Kit has been updated to V2.2.2.

The PROFIsafe Starter Kit V3.5.1 is compatible with version 2.6.1 of the PROFIsafe profile, as specified in IEC 61784-3-3.

Changes compared to the previous version

  • The product information about PROFIsafe Starter Kit V3.5 (entry ID: 109754405) is not relevant for the PROFIsafe Starter Kit V3.5.1.
  • The product information about the "PROFIsafe Driver V2.2.1 for F-Slaves" manual (entry ID: 109746310) is included in the "PROFIsafe Driver V2.2.2 for F-Slaves" .manual.

TÜV certification

License conditions


  • The download is available for registered customers in the entry 109770096

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